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6 Reasons Why Homework Should be a Part of The Curriculum

Homework is something that students irrespective of their age and nationality absolutely hate. It is understandable from the student’s point of view - it cuts down on the amount of free time they have and they have to do extra work after getting back home. However, there exists a strong connection between completing homework regularly and greater accomplishments in subjects like Maths, Science, and English. There are several benefits to doing homework regularly and so students should be putting in the effort to do their homework for at least 2 hours at night.

Why Homework is Essential

Homework help develop skills in young children which will serve them throughout school and career. Improved discipline, grades, time management, improving communication, and using available resources effectively are life skills that are absolutely vital to opening the door to unique opportunities and allowing them to find success in their work life. So it can be said that regular homework should be considered an investment in the future of the child.

Here are some of the most important reasons why homework is essential for overall educational progress:


Doing your homework every day creates a routine, and routines are the backbone of a person’s discipline. Repetition can seem redundant, but it plays a vital role in understanding certain subjects and topics better. This will reflect inevitably in the student’s other activities as well, as they get used to following a routine.

Time Management

Time management is another thing that students can learn from doing their homework regularly. As mentioned earlier, taking back work from school will make students feel like they have no free time, but this is exactly what they are to learn. The students will learn that in order to have their own personal free time, they will need to manage their time meticulously.

Connecting Teacher and Parent to Student

When a teacher assigns homework to the student, the teacher is actually assessing more than just the content of the assignment. It helps teachers and parents understand how students like to learn, offering a deeper understanding of how to approach their learning and development. Parents also encourage teachers to assign their children homework so that they can understand what they have been learning at school.

Acquire Knowledge Outside Curriculum

Knowledge acquired is never useless. Any knowledge you gain can be considered as a value add. That being said, when homework is assigned to students, they will be forced to go out of their way to learn deeper about a topic, or an entirely new topic altogether. This can increase their knowledge about that particular topic or subject much more than just part of the curriculum. This information can sometimes be used later on in life as well.

Develop Good Writing Skills

Writing assignments not only gives you an opportunity to increase your knowledge but also helps in improving your writing skills. Good writing skills come with reading and writing more, so doing homework assignments can actually improve your vocabulary and how you structure what you write.

Extra Time to Learn

Not all children are made equal - different children learn at different paces. Therefore, the time spent by that student in the classroom might not be enough for them to completely grasp the key concepts of what was taught. Children like them require some additional time to learn and so having extra time for learning at home can help them understand the concepts in a much deeper way as opposed to how they would if they were relying solely on their time at school. Hence, homework is important for these students because it gives the parents and children the time to focus on subjects with which they may be struggling. This extra time can make a huge difference when it comes to their grades and their overall performance in academics.


It’s often said that the best medicine tastes bitter. It is hard to overlook the positive angle of homework, especially when the advantages are these many. Homework may not be what the children want, but it is definitely what they need.

For tips on how to give homework, click here.

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