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How to Prepare An Active Learning Plan?

Study, study, and study! Isn’t this the word that you, as a student, keep hearing from your parents and teachers throughout the day? It is usual for you to feel all these to be taxing and exhausting. But, do you know what makes the process of studying absolutely engaging and fun? Well, it can be done by preparing a concrete study plan and following it diligently. Most of you are already aware of the ways to make the most of online teaching but do you really know well how to make optimal utilization of the rest of the time that you get? If not, we are here to help you out!

This blog article will lay down the chief practical strategies you can execute to study to the fullest and get absolute peace of mind by securing results that will satisfy you. Come, let’s see what these are!

Five Best Tips To Prepare An Active Learning Plan

Tip #1: Identify Your Learning Style

There are several ways of learning, and not every style can match your process of learning. So, it is extremely important for you to see which learning process feels convenient to you. For instance, you may wish to follow one out of the visual, aural, physical, kinesthetic, and logical learning styles. In that case, experiment and see which style suits you the most and aid you in understanding the concepts better. Accordingly, choose the one and see how fast you are grasping the concepts!

Tip #3: Maintain A Proper Balance Of All Sorts Of Activities

Create the study schedule in a way that every kind of activity gets accommodated perfectly into it. Recreational activities ought to have a place in your routine, too! Apart from studying, make sure you dedicate a portion of your time to sleeping, recreation or entertainment, and running necessary errands. Stay positive by gathering strength from motivational quotes for students!

Tip #4: Specify Duration For Studying Each Subject

Make it a point not to spend a significant number of hours on a specific subject. Don’t dedicate more than two hours to each subject. It is human nature to get tired and bored if the same subject is studied beyond 2 hours. Take little breaks before changing to an altogether subject. In this way, you will stay refreshed and continue to study with the same zeal that you had right at the beginning of the study session. After every 2-hour study session, take 10 minute breaks to sustain yourself till the end of the routine.

Tip #5: Make A List of The Activities That You Need To Do

Be careful enough to set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t plunge yourself into a state of burnout by assigning lofty goals for yourself and then brood over the fact that you couldn’t finish your chores. Always remember that baby steps lead to significant actions. Make a list of all the little tasks you can complete in a day without feeling burdened. Just be easy on yourself, and you will sail through it quickly.

Tip #6: Buy Time & Make Use Of “Hidden Time”

Not quite clear about hidden time, right? Well, it is nothing but the free time you get when any of your online classes have been canceled or ended before time. Utilize this time to complete your home assignments, or you may also give a quick reading of the topics you learned in the previous online classes. ‘Trading’ or ‘buying’ time is also essential to ensure you don’t lose this precious asset to simple leisure. For instance, you get occupied on some days with family obligations, or due to a vacation or wedding ceremony of any of your relatives, it is obvious that you won’t be able to study on such days. What you can do is smartly cut off your entertainment or recreation time to cope with your studies, either before or after your days of busyness get over. In this way, everything will be appropriately managed.


Sticking to your study plan is a real challenge! Never let go of your routine and try to adhere to it. After all, has any determined individual ever let go of their discipline to complete the prioritized works? Keep the above tips in mind to frame your study routine, and no one can stop you from getting excellent results.

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