Advantages Of Being A Guest Lecturer

Advantages of Being a Guest Lecturer

  • Simran Rastogi
    Simran Rastogi

Who is a Guest Lecturer?

A guest lecturer is a professional who has deep knowledge about their subject and helps the students in enhancing their knowledge. Schools, colleges and universities invite guest lecturers in order to share their knowledge, experience and feedback with the students. The guest lecturers are generally the individuals or professionals who are not a part of the teaching department within that institution. Sometimes non-teaching professionals may also deliver these lectures on a variety of topics related or unrelated to the curriculum or syllabus of the students .The concept of guest lectures has received a lot of support from teachers, students, and even institutions across the world.

5 Benefits of being a Guest Lecturer

  1. Interact with different people- The best part about being a guest lecturer is that they get to deliver lecturers at different spaces. From schools, colleges, or even universities, the guest lecturers go to different institutions and share their knowledge. The benefit of delivering lectures at multiple places is that the professionals get to interact with different people and different minds at the same time. Such interactions may sometimes give new perspectives and ideas to the lecturers as well as the students.
  2. Enhances & polishes skills- โ€œThrough practice, gently and gradually we can collect ourselves and learn how to be more fully with what we do. โ€“Jack Kornfield" The lecturers who are invited for guest lectures are highly skilled and experts in their subject. However, during the guest lectures, the lecturers get to polish their existing knowledge. For instance, a guest lecturer delivering a lecture on the advantages of online teaching would come up with innovative examples every time they talk about that topic. Therefore, delivering guest lectures could actually prove to be an advantage for the lecturers.
  3. Boosts Confidence- When lecturers deliver lectures at different institutions and interact with different individuals with diverse points of view, perspective, and ideologies, their confidence boosts up to another level. Being confident is the first quality that a good lecturer must possess. The confidence keeps enhancing as and when the lecturers expand their knowledge and experience. Being a guest lecturer would be an extremely helpful career for the teaching or non teaching professionals who look forward to expanding their knowledge and boost their confidence.
  4. Happier Pocket- If the professionals are associated with any institution for a longer period of time or on a permanent basis(as a guest lecturer), there are possibilities that they will get compensated for it. As per a few researches, the salary of these guest lecturers is considerably higher and very decent. Therefore, if a candidate wishes to earn some additional amount, they can consider being a guest lecturer. Guest lecturers are not expected to deliver the lectures everyday, therefore, they can earn a decent amount of money without working seven times a week.
  5. Work-Life Balance- Unlike the regular or permanent lecturers, the guest lecturers are not expected to be available throughout the week. They visit the institute or conduct online lectures a few times a week. Therefore, unlike other regular or permanent lecturers, it is easy for the guest lecturers to maintain a work-life balance. In addition to growing in their professional career, the guest lecturers can also take out time for the other things they like. For instance, if a lecturer wants to learn a foreign language and they also want to grow as a professional, then being a guest lecturer would be the perfect opportunity for them.