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Application Writing - Tips for Teachers with Examples

Teaching is an enriching career for those who aspire to spread their knowledge to the younger generations and add value to their lives. When going for a teaching career, possessing the required qualifications and skills is not enough. You also need appropriate presentation skills and a well-drafted application letter which not only conveys your eligibility and interest to the employer but also gives you an edge over other applicants.

Application writing is an important step when searching for the ideal job. This article lists some tips, along with some samples, on how to curate your application in the best possible way and get selected for your desired post.

Tips on Application Writing For Teaching Jobs

  • Be Crisp

While drafting your application, make sure you are not exaggerating things and be concise and to the point. Employers go through a lot of applications, and they might get bored seeing a long application. Also, writing a long application does not guarantee you the job.

  • Express Your Interest in the Job

It is crucial to make the recruiter realize you are interested in that job. For that, you should mention the post for which you are applying and convey your interest in the position.

  • Keep it Simple

It is better not to complicate things while writing your application. It confuses the recruiter. Rather, frame it in simple language and concise points so that the reader understands it the same way as you want them to.

  • Have Clarity of Thoughts

Before starting to write the application, be clear in your head. Set the tone right and avoid any sort of vagueness.

  • Describe Your Values and Teaching Style

Talk about your values as a teacher and your teaching style, which helps the employer know more about your approach and style.

For example, you can mention that you focus on application-based learning and your lesson plans are created in an interactive way to make the learning process more engaging.

  • Highlight Your Strengths

Mentioning your strengths reassures the recruiter that you are the one best suited for the post. The application creates the first impression on the recruiter. So, be sure that you convince the recruiter by highlighting the relevant points.

  • End the Application on a Positive Note

In the end, common courtesy demands that you thank the recruiter for reading your application. Make sure to express your gratitude professionally. For example, you can close the application by writing, “looking forward to hearing from you.”

  • Proofread the Application

Once you have put in all the required details, proofread the entire application to avoid any spelling, grammar, or typographic errors. Such mistakes can create a negative impression on the employer.

  • Others

Along with the above-mentioned tips, make sure to add your contact details to your application and insert the subject line. Above all, be sure to maintain a polite and congenial tone throughout.

Application Writing Samples For Teaching Jobs

Under this section, we have provided some samples for you to get an idea about how you can make your application writing skills more effective. Remember that the tone has to change according to the post you are applying for. These are only for sample purposes.

Sample 1

Subject: Application for the post of kindergarten teacher at ABC Public School.

Respected sir/ma’am,

In response to the advertisement dated XX-XX-XXXX in The Times of India for the post of kindergarten teacher at ABC Public School, I would like to apply for the same.

I completed my diploma in nursery teaching training (NTT) three years back. I have also worked as a teacher for the pre-primary classes at Josh International School for the last two years. I have done my BA from XYZ university.

I firmly believe that I would be suitable for this position as I manage and teach the students with utmost patience and dedication. My hard work and dedication also got me the award for being the best teacher in my last workplace.

I appreciate your consideration. I have attached a detailed resume herewith. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly


Contact number

Sample 2

Subject: Application for the post of science teacher


With great interest, I am applying for the position of science teacher at your esteemed organization. I completed my graduation (B.sc) from University DEF, and my B.Ed program after that. I also cleared the CTET last December.

I am comfortable with teaching students across primary and middle school levels. Although I do not have prior experience teaching students, I assure you that I will do full justice to the post. I try to engage the students by teaching them in a manner in which they can relate the subject to day-to-day situations. I try to make the much-feared subject easier for students. In addition to this, my strong communication skills would be beneficial for the job.

I seek a place in JKL Public School and promise to fulfil my duties with utmost sincerity if chosen. Please find my detailed resume in this email. I will be available for a personal interview at your convenience.


Pulkit Verma

Mobile number: 7235243651


Job hunting can be a time-consuming process. Framing your application just right can help you land your desired job. So, in this article, we covered application writing tips and tricks that can help you write a compelling application. The samples will give you an idea of how to structure your application. Make sure you are honest throughout your application writing process.

If you wish to add an extra qualification to your application, you may appear for the exams conducted by the National Testing Agency like CUET, or if you already have one cleared, mention that in your application. Good luck!

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