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Importance of Basic English Grammar


English is the main language of global commerce, air traffic control, the main language of international diplomacy, and most importantly, the main language on the internet. 96% of all the academic articles and journals are published today are in English. English has more than 1.3 billion native speakers across the world, with even more people knowing how to read and write in English to some extent. With that being said, English, being a global language, is important for people from across the world to know - at least to read or write. One of the most important aspects of reading and writing English is the use of English grammar. Basic English grammar is essential for the proper communication of information among people, and it is a factor that often gets overlooked. So let’s take a deep dive into the importance of basic English grammar in everyday language.

What Constitutes Grammar?

Before we get into the importance of basic English grammar, it is important to understand what it comprises. English grammar can be said to be constituted of 12 basic building blocks. They are as explained below:

Nouns and Pronouns

A noun is a word that is used to identify a class of people, places, or things, or to refer to a particular one of these. For example, words such as table, friend, onion, ring, chain, bottle, cardboard, etc. can all be classified as nouns. Pronouns are words that substitute for nouns when referring to nouns that have already been used previously in a similar context. For example, he, she, it, they, we, etc.


Verbs are words that are used to refer to an action, occurrence, or state which forms the main part of the predicate of a given sentence. For example, is, was, has, were, jump, run, sit, stop, go, etc.


An adjective is a word that is used to describe a particular noun being used. For example, handsome, brilliant, sweet, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, depressing, entertaining, etc.


An adverb is a word that is used to modify or qualify an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, to be expressed in relation to time, place, manner, degree, circumstance, cause, etc. For example,  gently, quite, then, there, etc.


Punctuation refers to the marks, like full stops, brackets, and commas, used in writing used to separate sentences and their elements in order to clarify meaning.


A preposition is used to connect a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence and explain the relationship between it and the rest of the sentence.


Conjunctions are words that are used to connect two or more sentences together. Examples of conjunctions include and, but, so, while, etc.


An interjection is a word that is used in a sentence to express emotion. It is not necessarily related to the rest of the sentence grammatically.

Importance of Basic English Grammar in Communication

Now that you know what we are dealing with, it is time to get into the nitty-gritty of how important basic English grammar is in everyday communication.

Reception of Language

Understanding grammar has a direct impact on how people perceive a message. If people are not aware of grammar, it will make them vulnerable to mistakes that involve misinterpretation of a particular message that is sent. This can lead to confusion and mismanagement, especially when it comes to professional environments.


Expressing your emotions or ideas needs to be done in a clear and concise manner if it needs to have a universal appeal. Without basic English grammar, putting ideas across can become difficult. This can be especially disadvantageous when trying to present an idea.

Better Opportunities

In third-world pre-industrial societies, having a job is everything. It can be the difference between employment and unemployment, between making ends meet and poverty. One of the fundamental qualities that can help you in such a situation is knowledge of basic English grammar to communicate effectively, especially in interviews for multinational companies where salary packages are decided on your performance in the interview.


Another important aspect of having a good set of communication skills in building self-confidence. Having good communication skills is one of the best tools one can have on their belt in today’s dynamic world. It has come to a point where people can change the world if they have the confidence for it, and having anything that can aid in it is very important indeed.


Having a good grasp of grammar can change the way people communicate with you. You will be seen as a knowledgeable person who can be relied on to make a point with accuracy and clarity if the circumstances arise.


Having basic English grammar knowledge does not mean that you have to be an absolute maestro at the language with the use of complicated vocabulary, it simply means that you need to be clear and intelligible in the way you receive and express what you have to say and make comprehensible conversation. You do not need to string together long complicated sentences or speak in a foreign accent, all you need to know is to speak and understand the language fluently.

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