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ARPIT-Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela.

With the help of a robust education system, societies can grow and continue to thrive. However, providing quality education to one and all becomes difficult in the absence of qualified educators. Therefore, to upskill higher education faculty, the MHRD has launched a program called ARPIT (Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching). This program was launched on 13th November 2018 to provide online professional development facilities to 15 lakhs of higher education faculty. The training is provided through the MOOC platform-SWAYAM. The first ARPIT test was conducted in 2019 in 66 disciplines. Currently, the MHRD has identified 48 discipline-specific National Resource Centers (NRCs) to help educators in their professional development. ARPIT is considered a refresher course for the career advancement of faculties. After completing this training program, educators need to appear for an online examination. After passing the exam, they are eligible to get a certificate of completion of the course. The successful completion of one ARPIT course with a certificate will be equivalent to one refresher course of UGC for Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).

Eligibility for ARPIT examination

The ARPIT exam conducted by the National Testing Agency is designed for educators willing to upgrade their existing knowledge and skills. They can appear for the exam to know where they stand in terms of the skills they master. In addition, the ARPIT exam can also be taken by non-faculty learners who wish to enhance their knowledge. After completing the course, non-faculty members will receive a certificate of completion. However, this certificate will be different from the certificate issued to faculty learners.

Do learners need to attach any documents when applying for the ARPIT exam?

When applying for this online training program, faculties and non-faculty learners need to submit a few documents along with the registration form. The list of documents for these two types of learners is as follows.

  • Faculty learners

The faculty members need to upload their signature, photograph, and relevant proof of being a faculty member. They can use their faculty ID card, appointment letter, or latest pay slip to establish their identity as a professor.

  • Non-faculty learners

The non-faculty learners need to upload their signature, photograph, and other documents like SC/ST/OBC/PWD/Women/Transgender/EWS certificate issued by the competent authority. The certificates are applicable when learners need concession of fees.

Along with the original copies of all relevant documents, faculties should also bring photocopies of the documents for verification at the examination center.

Importance of professional development for educators

Education does not stop after a certain age. It is a continuous process that improves one’s knowledge and skills. Professional development for teachers helps them offer their best to students. Moreover, it also helps them throughout their educational career. The importance of professional development for teachers are:

  • Better learning outcomes for students

There is continuous improvement in the classroom curriculum to keep students updated with global happenings. These changes may make the teaching method obsolete. Therefore, teachers should spend time on professional development to enhance the learning outcomes for students. It helps them deliver valuable and personalized lessons to their students.

  • Development of new ways of teaching

Professional development helps teachers improve their teaching methods. It exposes them to different teaching methodologies which they can use in the classroom during lecture delivery. Moreover, professional development helps teachers upgrade their lecture delivery techniques, assessment styles, and record-keeping approaches.

  • Better organization and management skills

Teachers spend a lot of their working hours on student evaluation, curriculum development, and managing operational activities. Professional development helps teachers become more organized and manage their time efficiently. The enhancement of organization and management skills let them focus more on their students instead of paperwork.

  • Knowledge about changes in the education sector

Students expect teachers to know everything about the subject they are teaching. Professional development prepares teachers for a healthy classroom discussion. The training or courses let them develop their understanding in various areas of the subject.

Professional development for teachers helps them step out of their routine and focus on their careers. Such training keeps them interested in the subject matter and expands their knowledge of the subject they are teaching. It also nurtures their skills and helps them take on the leadership role in the future.

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