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Online Courses for Teachers

Alvin Tofler said that the great growling engine of change is technology. This is a true statement and technology has made us competent & able. While there are debates about the boon and bane of technology, people around the world, unanimously agree that technology has brought ease and effortlessness to the table.

The shift to online methods was a major change that the advancement in technology facilitated. As the world came to a stand still due to the global pandemic, we witnessed online alternatives take over. There was a marked increase in the number of online classrooms. Online teaching and online courses have been accepted with both hands across the globe.

With a significant increase in the number of people taking online courses and conducting online classes, it is important to understand the scope and possibilities of online courses and see how one can learn and grow with the help of the same. Today, we will be talking about a few online courses for teachers.

Teaching is a profession that needs commitment and dedication. Teaching and learning go hand in hand. Teachers have to upskill themselves with the latest methodologies and strategies to ensure that their teaching is effective and the quality education is carried across.

There are a lot of online courses that help teachers to be ahead of the game. It goes without saying that online teaching is the new normal. Teachers across the globe have started teaching online using various online teaching apps. This demands them to have the breadth and width of knowledge about online teaching. Though there are simple online teaching apps that are easy to understand, it is necessary for teachers to upskill themselves. Today, we will be looking at ten such online teaching courses that are helpful for teachers.

Online Courses for Teachers

Courses by Teach 2030

Teach 2030 is an initiative of the commonwealth education trust and they have a lot of online courses that are useful for teachers. Their primary aim is to deliver the core principles of teaching and how teachers can get better at it. They have paid online courses as well as free online courses. Today, we will be talking about the free ones:

1.Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners

The importance of lesson planning cannot be overstated. This online course is a lesson planning course that aims to talk about lesson plans and how to be inclusive in the classroom given the fact that there will be different types of learners in the class. This is a free online teaching course and is sure to be beneficial to teachers as planning lessons and making a classroom inclusive is key to effective learning.

2.Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners

This is yet another online teaching course by Teach 2030 that aims to explore the term growth mindset and make learning effective. It helps teachers to implement a good feedback system in the classroom. Feedback is crucial especially since teaching has now moved online. Feedback is a two-way street. Teachers have to give prompt feedback to their students without crushing their spirits. This course will deal with all these important aspects of teaching. It is a free course.

3.Practical Active Learning for Your Classroom

This free online teaching course provided by Teach 2030 aims to develop the teacher holistically and to increase their understanding of the learning process. It also talks about how to create a good culture of learning in the classroom. If you are a teacher trying to figure out your classroom dynamics, check out this course.

4.Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom

Teachers often struggle with making their students listen and keeping them engaged. Quite often, classrooms need that breath of fresh air. Teaching and learning can get boring at times. Let’s be honest! Teachers have to come up with new strategies and teaching methods to ensure that the classroom is active. This course helps teachers to redefine classroom practices and make the best out of their teaching methods. It gives the necessary push to teachers.

Courses by AP Teacher Training Institute

5.Pre Primary Teacher Training

This Online Teaching Course by the AP teacher training institute covers all international theories and methodologies by proven academicians. It is a good course it has a certification and needs a fee of around rupees 10,000 and more. It helps teachers to develop their skills.

On completion of the course, the teachers are eligible to teach from Nursery to Class Five in any school.

6.Special Education Course

Children with special needs require teachers who are qualified to attend to their needs. This special education course has four variants. They are diploma, certificate, PG diploma, and diploma with an internship. The diploma course is for a duration of 10 months and the certificate course is for a duration of 6 months.

7.TEFL in India

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a sought-after online course. A lot of Corporate and language institutes hire teachers who are TEFL qualified. With this qualification, you can be language trainers to train adults as well.  The course deals with teaching four language skills, new methodologies of second language teaching, need-based language teaching, grammar, and also lesson planning. This is a paid course and has three main variants; certificate, diploma, and PG diploma.

8.Educational Administration and Management

This is a one-of-a-kind course that helps school principals, teachers in administrative positions, and likewise. It talks about management and other strategies and skills that are necessary to run an institution. This course is available online on other websites as well. It is also a paid online course for teachers.

Courses from Asian College for Teachers (ACT)

9.Early Childhood Care and Education

Laying a strong foundation is necessary for the holistic development of a child. This course is for teachers who are interested to become early childhood educators. It helps teachers to get trained and to identify their roles as early childhood education sets the foundation for future learning. Early Childhood Care and Education courses offered by the College of Teachers are specifically designed to cater to the growing demands for trained teachers in the sector of early childhood education.

This course has 3 variants:

i. Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education

ii. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education

iii. Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education

10.Modular Courses

ACT has a list of other courses such as classroom management, teaching skills, phonetics, grammar, etc. These are specific and interested teachers who can take up this course to add to their development. This course will also help to brush up on teachers’ knowledge and to keep themselves updated with the happenings around them.


Online courses present us with an opportunity to learn and grow from the comfort of our home. While there are numerous online courses available, we have discussed some online courses that are sure to be beneficial for teachers.

As mentioned, teaching and learning go hand in hand. Being a teacher means having to learn lifelong. There are countless changes happening in the education sector and you have to keep yourself updated to ensure that your classes are effective and useful to the students. These online courses for teachers will help you with that. There are other online teaching courses as well that you can check out.

We will be talking in detail about online courses for students, the scope and possibility of online courses in our upcoming blogs. Stay tuned and keep learning!

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