Classroom Management Tips

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In the last few years, the field of education has undergone a tectonic shift. We have witnessed a perpetually rising trend in the use of technology for teaching. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and teachers across the entire nation, out of the classroom, the role of technology in education has increased manifold. Online classes have become part of the new normal in education systems all over the world. An Online class provides various benefits over traditional offline education. Apart from the facility of remote teaching and learning, it also provides a great deal of flexibility, supports a wide range of learning styles, affordability, improves attendance, higher student engagement, and likewise. In other words, online teaching is a boon for teachers and students alike.

As educators, we always have a lot on our plate. Apart from teaching, we are expected to carry out various roles; being a mentor to the students, coordinate with parents, organize student activities, and many more. At times, a teacher’s job can get overwhelming, especially for the new and inexperienced. This is where employing some smart hacks in how you go about your business can save you a ton of effort and time, making your life simpler and more rewarding. In order to make your teaching journey more fruitful, we decided to compile a list of the best teaching hacks for teachers. So, without further ado, let us take a look at these simple yet brilliant teaching hacks….

End your class with a fun Activity-

Something as simple as letting your students know that they will get to have some fun activity at the end of the lesson is a great way of getting them excited and engaged. For instance, you could start a competition in the class such as a quiz, not necessarily related to the subject, and allocate the final five minutes of the class to the competition. The competition could be conducted daily or weekly and a winner would be decided at the end of the course. When a student has something really exciting to look forward to at the end of the class, it automatically boosts their mood and drives up the student engagement which invariably leads to improved student learning outcomes.

Use technology to keep noise in Check-

We have all heard our teachers say, “Is this a classroom or a fish market?” Well, controlling the noise in the classroom can be a tough nut to crack. It happens so often that teachers sometimes can’t even feel the noise as their ears become adapted to the noise. This is where using an application can be helpful to keep the decibels your classroom is generating in check. When the noise level goes beyond a certain level, the app sounds an alarm which ensures that you don’t have to constantly focus on the noise being generated in the classroom.

Make use of peer learning and review-

Peer learning is an effective teaching strategy that not only helps students learn better but also saves a teacher’s time which he can use in planning out other class activities. Students can also be asked to give feedback to each other about their performance on various tasks. However, you must ensure to give thorough instructions to your students before you begin the practice in your classroom.

Keep a box with a number of supplementary tasks-

Whenever teachers assign tasks to students, some students invariably finish faster than other students. In order to keep such students occupied and prevent them from creating a distraction in the classroom, you can make a box filled with easy, supplementary tasks relevant to the subject, at the beginning of the course and ask any student who is sitting idle in the classroom to choose a task from the box and complete it while other students are doing the routine task. This simple hack can save you a lot of hassle throughout the year and spare you a ton of effort otherwise required in maintaining discipline in the classroom. Moreover, it helps in making students’ time spent in the classroom more productive.

Therefore, it is evident that simple tweaks in the teaching strategies can serve you well in efficiently managing your classroom. We hope that the teaching hacks mentioned here will assist you in increasing your productivity and become highly successful as a teacher.