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Tips to Make Online Classes Effective

There are numerous guides online that offer the best tips for focusing, for staying more attentive, for making more out of online classes and many other topics. People often look for the qualities of a good teacher or how to find the best tutor and even teachers often look for tips for improving their lessons or helping the students learn better or pay more attention. While these tips might be useful or they might not be in some cases, there are some factors that should be taken care of by teachers and students. Keeping in consideration these few points will help improve the online lessons and also help the students focus better and learn more.

In this article, we will be sharing the factors related to online classes that can help enhance the teachers’ and students’ experience and improve learning. You can use these factors, work on them and see the difference in your classes. Along with this, we will also share a few tips that can help you work on these factors, yourself, and your lessons for online classes.

The most important task for teachers in an online class or a traditional classroom is to attract the students’ attention. If the teacher is able to get the students’ attention as they begin then it is easier for them to have the students listening. Getting the students interested in a topic is a difficult task. There are different ways of getting the students to pay attention depending on the subject and topic. If the topic has a lot of text material to be shared or lots of reading then the students should be asked to read different sections. This keeps them attentive while they wait for their turn and they listen better. If the topic can instigate curiosity among the students and they might have questions to ask, you must begin the topic by asking those questions and answering them as the lecture continues. Encourage group discussions for topics where the students might have conflicting views. His will help them participate more in class and learn to hold conversations.

As students, you must involve in group discussions, volunteer to read and answer as many questions as you know. This will help you recall better what was taught in class. Also, you must be active and take down notes as and when something important is shared. You must also ask questions wherever you have a doubt and not keep it for later.

The next thing to keep in mind is the attention span or the period for which a student can focus on a topic. Considering the age group of the students that you teach, you can find for how long the students can stay attentive. Considering this time span you must design the course structure in such a way that the important bits can be covered during that time frame. After this time teachers can either start a fun activity ask questions or give a short break. Teaching for smaller durations helps the students in learning better.

Continuous evaluation and assessments have been made easier by online platforms for education. While teachers are often looking for ways how to teach online, they might miss out on the evaluation and assessment part. Apps and websites meant for online classes allow teachers to stay updated on the student’s progress using various tools. Grading assignments has also become an easy task with these tools. Teachers must regularly check the students’ progress and keep them informed of the same.

Online classes have opened a world of possibilities in the field of education and both students and teachers must make the most of it.

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