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Benefits of Online Assessment


Technology development is shifting and significantly altering how students are taught and evaluated. Due to their efficiency and superior results, new evaluation approaches, such as online assessment, are becoming more and more popular. In a traditional evaluation approach, students are only assessed based on the grades they receive at the completion of the exams.

Conventional assessment methodologies are the ideal demonstrations of rote learning because all that is required of the students is merely the regurgitation of facts or concepts by the students. Therefore, these methods are less effective and do not really leave a long-lasting impact on students. This is one of the reasons that using an online assessment to evaluate students is the best choice since it enables you to analyze students on a wide range of levels, allowing their true potential to shine through.

What is Online Assessment?

In online assessments, students are assessed on their knowledge and skills related to a particular subject or area of knowledge. These days, most educational institutions are choosing online assessments over traditional exams due to their effectiveness. Unlike traditional exams, it is easier to conduct and evaluate candidates through online assessment methodologies. These days, most of the admission tests are carried out through online assessment tests. Online tests come in a variety of forms to evaluate students and candidates at multiple layers and to assess them more effectively.

Types of Online Assessment

Fill in the Blanks

It is one of the best ways to test the students. Teachers will be able to know what the students actually know through this methodology. Even though it is a traditional testing type, an online assessment platform provides the scope for understanding students’ true knowledge of a particular topic in a broader context.

True or False

Like multiple choice questions, it can be used the determine students’ understanding and also to improve their critical thinking abilities. Moreover, students ought to have a thorough understanding of the topics to answer the true or false questions.

In true or false questions, students would have to closely analyse questions to come to a conclusion. In order to answer the questions correctly, they need to have deep knowledge and understanding of the topic they are dealing with or attending the exams on.

Subjective Questions

Subjective questions unleash the true potential of students as it provides them with the opportunity to portray their understanding of a topic in the most effective way. In addition to this, it enhances the students’ problem-solving skills.

Multiple Choice Questions

Through an online assessment test, you can frame MCQ questions to gauge the knowledge of students in a subject or a concept. In order to answer an MCQ question, the student would have to have a clear understanding of the topic. Students would have to rule out options that are unlikely to be the answer to the questions. MCQs are challenging as it improves the critical thinking abilities of students as they would be analyzing the available options to find the right answer.

To understand the differences between MCQ and subjective tests, read our detailed blog on MCQ vs Subjective Tests

Aptitude Questions

Aptitude tests are one way to analyze the abilities of students. This would not be solely related to the topics that students learn at school. Hence, it is a great way to improve the competency of students. Also, it nourishes students’ knowledge and skills outside the classroom.

With Teachmint, teachers can curate different types of questions such as those that are mentioned above. Moreover, educators have the provision to choose the difficulty level of questions. Hence, in this way, teachers can check the understanding of students on any topic of choice.

Benefits of Online Assessment

Performance Analytics

One of the key features that online assessment offers is performance analytics. It offers a detailed overview of student performance in exams. It illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student in a classroom which thereby helps you to modify the teaching strategies to improve learning outcomes. Performance analytics gives you and your students an understanding of where they stand in terms of their performance on tests.

At Teachmint, you will get access to classroom analytics as well. This allows you to understand the overall performance of the whole classroom. This is highly beneficial because, if the whole classroom is falling behind in understanding a particular concept, you can comprehend that there is something wrong with the teaching strategy that you employed for that particular concept. In this way, you will be able to revisit the lessons and can take appropriate steps to bring about improvement and positive changes. Therefore, this performance analytics indirectly gives you an insight into the effectiveness of your teaching strategies.

Individualized Attention

The online assessment provides teachers and students with detailed analysis reports of students’ performance in exams. In this way, you will be able to understand which students are falling behind in classroom performance. Also, it aids in understanding which concept or subject requires needs a revise and which topics are thorough for all students. Since you get an understanding of the students who are lagging behind in terms of their scores, you can take the necessary steps to improve their performance and understanding of any learning concepts.

With Teachmint, you get detailed performance analytics to understand the overall performance of your students and where they lack in their performance. Moreover, within a few clicks, you will be able to access the individual performance analytics of your students.

Performance Feeback

Feedback plays a vital role in improving the performance of students in any endeavor. It helps them to identify their weaknesses and hence, can work towards bettering their scores. Through online assessments, it becomes easier for you to give individual feedback to your students. It can assist your students to excel in academics.

To learn more about the importance of feedback in education, you can read our blog: Importance of Feedback in Education


Leaderboards are an encouragement for students. It builds in students an aspiration to be at the top of the leaderboard. Moreover, students who are at the top would try their best to keep up their performance. Like performance analytics, this assists you to identify the students who are doing well on tests and students who are falling behind. Automated evaluation results and leaderboards would minimize a lot of manual work for you in identifying the weaknesses of students. With Teachmint, you get access to automated assessment analytics, leaderboards and 20 lakh pre-set questions, etc through a few steps. Hence, this online assessment helps you to make the learning experience more fruitful and seamless for you and your students.

With the help of leaderboards, you will be able to identify the best performers in a classroom with a single click. You can keep track of the performance of each student in a classroom through the leaderboard.

Difficulty Level

As mentioned earlier in the article, in an online assessment, teachers or educators have the provisions to choose the difficulty level of the questions. The difficulty level is a great way to analyze the competence of students in a classroom. It is imperative that teachers understand each and every student in a classroom to the core. It is important because it aids you to cater to the learning needs of each student and provide them with the best learning experience.

In the initial stages of learning, you can choose the lower difficulty level and can gradually increase them to the highest level. In this way, you will be able to improve the knowledge levels of students in a systematic way. Moreover, through these different levels, you will be able to prepare the students for the challenging board examinations.

How to Create an Online Assessment

One of the major benefits of online assessment is that it can be created in a few minutes. With Teachmint, you will be able to create assessment questions in 30 seconds. Here, there are pre-set questions available for you to create assessment questions in no time. Moreover, the striking benefit here is that you can choose the assessment type and level of difficulty to gauge the competency level of your students and also to check for understanding of students in the learning concepts. When you have the option to create assessment tests, you will be able to frame them the way you want to test your students. In addition to this, it is a simple process that can be done without much vain.

Let us now look at how easily you can create an online assessment for your students. At Teachmint, you have options to choose the question numbers and the difficulty level of the assessment.

  • Choose a topic or a bunch of different subtopics for testing the students.
  • Next, choose the number of questions and along with that the difficulty level of the test. The difficulty level ranges from easy to hard.
  • In addition to those mentioned above, you can choose the type of questions, whether it be multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, true or false, assertion and reasoning, etc. You can type in the question if you want, or else, you have access to the repository of questions to create an automated assessment test
  • Another interesting feature that is available to you via Teachmint is that you can upload questions prepared by you in different formats.
  • Once, you have prepared the questions, you can share them with your students through WhatsApp or by copying and sharing the links to the questions. In this way, you can create an online assessment in a few seconds.


Online assessment is getting popular due to a number of reasons. It helps you to get a detailed overview of your student's performance. This aids in creating effective pedagogical methodologies and strategies for your students. Online assessments make it easier for you to create test questions as it automates the whole process of testing. In addition to this, it offers various features like difficulty level, test type, question numbers, and a lot more. Since the assessment provides you with performance analytics, you will be able to understand the students in-depth and can necessary measures accordingly. There is no doubt that online assessment would improve the learning outcomes of your students and hence, it is the best option for your students.

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