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Importance of Feedback in Education

Feedback is one of the most effective teaching and learning techniques that puts out a direct impact on both teaching and learning process that has an immediate impact on the process of acquiring knowledge. Feedback in education is an essential part of the system. Feedback helps all individual students to understand the subject they are studying and gives them clear guidance on how to improve their learning procedure. Feedback can help students improve confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning what they are being taught. Providing students with relevant feedback can help them enhance their performance in academics or be it in field work.

Let us look at how feedback is so important in education in the points below -

  • Effective and relevant feedback assists the learners to reflect on their learning and the learning strategies so they can make adjustments to make better progress at their learning stages. Effective feedback is henceforth designed to determine a learner’s level of understanding which varies to each individual and the rate of skill development so that they can plan for the next steps towards achieving their targeted learning goals.
  • Feedback is also central to teaching in education. The importance of constructive feedback allows for many positive opportunities. Feedback in education provides a foundation for positive student and teacher relationship. When teachers and students share effective feedback, they build a sense of trust amongst each other, they build the trust to tell each other when they see points of improvement.
  • By providing appropriate feedback, the students understand that their professors are willing to help them and are genuinely concerned about their education. Along with providing constructive feedback teachers are also willing to help the students in the learning process from a closer point. Like giving them extra classes, or extra detailed notes as study material etc.
  • Another benefit for feedback in a classroom environment is that it affords an opportunity for clarification of what is expected. When provided with feedback, student performance and achievement increases as they are able to understand the expectations or targets that need to be met. It also helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses in various content domains.
  • Effective feedback from teachers assists in student identification of different levels of understanding. Teachers can determine the learning preference of individual students and get the information to help guide instruction. Students are able to achieve their targeted goals and submit appropriate work on time.
  • Providing feedback means giving students an idea about how their work or learning process is going on. It can be referred to as additional remarks. It is one of the most productive ways of learning. Through feedback students get to know what is accurate and what is wrong. They get to know about the weak points and further can work on them so that they achieve the actual goal.
  • Especially in the times of online learning, feedback in education is essential as we are teaching and learning on through a blank screen. There are many instances where students do not respond well to what the teacher is teaching in the online course. Here, they ought to give constructive feedback to their teachers of that particular subject so that they can work on their teaching techniques and students can improve their understanding of it.
  • Being students, it is their responsibility to let the teacher know if they are unable to understand what they are being taught. Students ought to give feedback to their teachers about the teaching process, only then it’ll be worth learning.
  • When student feedback is given immediately after their submission of work, students respond and remember to experience what is being learned more positively.

It is vital for feedback to exist in the teaching learning process as it helps in improvement. Hope this blog helps you to understand the importance of feedback. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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