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Nursery Teacher Training- All You Need to Know

"Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system." –Sidney Hook

Teachers hold a prime role in the growth & development of the students, especially during their formative years. A nursery teacher is a teaching professional who teaches students and helps them in learning the basics of life. The nursery teachers are responsible for taking care of the students along with teaching them the fundamentals of education as well as life. Nursery teachers are considered the most crucial part of the educational system as they guide the students in building a strong foundation. They are in charge of handling various students with different mindsets, habits, and understanding. In order to manage or guide each one of them well, the teachers should have the correct knowledge about the same. They should be familiar with the different teaching techniques and in order to learn those techniques, they have to go through a teacher training program known as the 'Nursery Teacher Training' program/course.

What is the Nursery Teacher Training program?

NTT (Nursery Teachers' Training) is a diploma course for teachers who desire to teach and guide the students in the nursery or pre-primary grades. The teacher workforce willing to choose this section of teaching is required to complete a general Teacher Training course known as the Nursery teacher training course. The NTT program is designed to assist students aspiring to be pre-school teachers in facilitating the young minds of nursery children. The course helps in learning numerous teaching techniques to instructors who participate in this Teacher Training course. The course is considered crucial for the instructors in order to ensure quality teachers for educating young students and cater to their physical, cognitive, and social development.

Skills Required to Pursue the Nursery Teacher Training Course

These teachers deal with very young kids, they hardly have an understanding of right and wrong. Hence, their teachers have to be very patient with the students while teaching them. The teachers might need to explain one single concept to the students multiple times, but that shall be fine with them. Here are a few qualities that are very important if a candidate wants to become a nursery teacher or wants to pursue the Nursery Teacher Training course-

  • The teachers should be energetic and have enthusiasm in dealing with the young kids.
  • The candidates should have a caring and friendly nature in order to make the students feel comfortable.
  • The candidates should have enough patience for every kid in class, they should not have a short temper.
  • Any candidate entering the teaching profession must be passionate about what they want to do.
  • These candidates should have a keen sense of eye for small details. For instance- the kids might write wrong alphabets, but the teachers should notice these things and help the students in writing it the right way.
  • And most important of all the above-mentioned skills are having good communication skills in the languages suitable to the students.

Educational Qualification Required to Seek Admission in the Nursery Teacher Training Course

1- The candidate seeking admission in the nursery teacher training course must hold a high school pass mark sheet with a minimum percentage of 50%.

2- The candidate seeking admission in the nursery teacher training course must also have a 12th pass mark sheet with the minimum passing marks.

Top Colleges for Pursuing the Nursery Teacher Training Course

There are various good colleges that are considered good for pursuing the Nursery Teacher Training course, however, here are a few colleges that are considered the best if the candidates want to understand the course better-

1- The Imperial Institute of Management, Andheri West, Mumbai is considered one of the top colleges for pursuing the Nursery teacher training course.
2- The Bharatiya Shiksha Parishad, Lucknow, UP is also a top college for pursuing the Nursery teacher training course.
3- The Delhi Institute of Early Childhood Care and Education, New Delhi, is also a good college.
4- The Bhavan’s Nursery Teacher Training College, Kochi Kerala is also one of the top colleges in Karnataka.
5- The YBN University, Ranchi, Jharkhand is Jharkhand's top college for pursuing the Nursery teacher training course.
6- The North East Frontier Technical University, Arunachal Pradesh is also an amazing for pursuing the Nursery teacher training course.

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