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Key Elements of a Strong Teacher Student Relationship

A classroom is so much more than a teacher writing on the blackboard and providing instructions, the students sitting at their desks following each instruction to the letter. A classroom is an ecosystem in itself where the relationship between its members plays a critical part in achieving the desired outcome – effective student learning. A strong teacher student relationship lays the groundwork for any meaningful learning activity in the classroom.

Nowadays, the field of education is evolving at a rapid pace. The modern classrooms are well-equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning tools. Moreover, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and educators across the entire nation out of the classroom, the teaching industry has been completely revamped with the help of various e-learning tools such as mobile teacher app. With the help of various online teaching tools which enables educators to create and share video tutorials, smart classes, and likewise, the classrooms today have become a lot more interactive and engaging, which is highly beneficial for the student learning outcome and at the same time, greatly simplifies the role of a teacher. However, even in this day and age, the existence of a strong teacher student relationship is an integral component of a thriving classroom. As educators, one should recognize the importance of developing a healthy teacher student relationship in our class and actively work towards refining this aspect of our teaching practice. Here are some of the timeless and critical elements of strong teacher student relationships which every educator should keep in mind.


Clear, effective and consistent communication is the most vital element of a strong teacher student relationship. It helps educators in creating a connection with their students. As educators, we are required to consistently work towards understanding the common problems faced by the students in the classroom and make required adjustments to our teaching styles with the aim of addressing those problems to the best of our abilities. This exercise requires much more than a mere observation on our part and establishing consistent communication with our students may serve us a great deal in gaining insight into their problems and establishing appropriate redressal mechanisms for the same. Therefore, an educator who focuses on developing effective communication strategies with the students is often successful in achieving a high level of student achievement in their class.

Safe classroom environment-

Students learn best in a welcoming and open learning environment where different opinions are listened to and respected, taking initiative is appreciated and where there is no fear of mockery or being scoffed at by either the fellow students or the educator. When the students feel safe while asking questions, sharing their doubts, and believe that they won’t be ridiculed, that their ideas will be appreciated and their doubts will be resolved with patience, it is then that they benefit from an emotionally-safe learning environment. Such a learning environment not only helps the students in realizing their learning potential, but it is also helpful in forging a strong teacher student relationship.

Mutual Trust and Respect-

Any lasting relationship can be built only through mutual trust and respect between the participating entities. Even in a classroom, if the student-teacher interactions are superficial and directed solely towards managing the student academic achievement, it may lead the students to become more inhibited which will trump any efforts of building an effective relationship with them on your part. Therefore, mutual trust and respect are critical elements of building a lasting student-teacher relationship.

The importance of equitable treatment-

As an educator, it is natural to want to work more closely with students who stand out among others, the brainiacs or the quick-learners. However, if your goal is to build a strong student-teacher relationship in your class, you must always be mindful of the fact that paying special attention to a few students in the class may become a cause of resentment among others. Therefore, it is advisable for educators to adopt an equitable behavior towards each student in their classroom.

The true value of a strong student-teacher relationship is incalculable. As educators, our primary goal should be to build a positive relationship with our students which will serve as a foundation not just for a great academic performance, but also for generating students’ interest in learning and in helping them develop a positive attitude.

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