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7 Tips to Choose the Right Elective Subject


Elective subjects are almost exclusively found in colleges and universities, basically institutions of higher learning. An elective subject can be defined as a subject that is not essential with respect to the curriculum but adds value to the course all the same. When a course has elective subjects, the students will be given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of subjects the course offers as electives. Even though they are elective, since they are part of the curriculum, students will get credits for them.

Tips on How to Choose Electives

Making the right choice about your elective is very important because it can impact your overall preparation strategy for exams as well as your knowledge of the subject in a huge way. Here are some tips to help you decide how to choose your elective subject:

Make Sure it Adds Value

An elective subject must add value to the curriculum that is currently being pursued. In education the most important aspect is the addition of value to the learner's knowledge base. If the elective subject does not add anything new to what the learner had already known, there would be no point in that person having studied that particular subject. For example, take the example of electrical engineering. In the beginning of the first semester of the third year, that is the fifth semester, the students will be allowed to make a choice regarding what elective they want to pursue. If there is a choice between the basics of aeronautical engineering and an introduction to electric vehicles the learner must choose the latter by understanding that it is better to study something that is related to their subject and hence which will add value to their overall degree then the former.

Ease of Study

Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind while selecting an effective subject is that it should be easy to study that subject. Let us take the previous example - aeronautical engineering will obviously be quite different from electrical engineering and hence there will be a steep learning curve for that subject compared to electric vehicles. Moreover, not only will this subject be simpler to understand, it will also be easier for the student or learner to grasp the concepts because it is related to their core subjects.

Think About the Endgame

What is it that you are trying to achieve by adding this subject to the list of subjects that you have studied? Will this subject stand out as an odd ball among your core subjects and make it look like you made the wrong decision, or will it look like you were willing to put in effort and study something related to your core subjects? The type of elective that you choose reflects on the type of person that you are - and companies looking to hire professionals want to make sure that they are hiring someone who is willing to work for their success.

Make Sure There is Quality Mentorship

This is also an important factor when choosing an elective. Check if there are any good teachers that are available in the college you are opting to take this elective who is experienced in this field to teach that subject. If not, it is best not to go for this elective because there might be little to no guidance on the subject and it can become difficult for the learner.


This is an aspect of choosing an elective subject that people often overlook. Think about your convenience as a learner regarding whether or not it is a good option to go for this selective. If there are 50 students in the class and 20 people are opting for the elective that you are considering then surely go for it. However, if only 10 people are opting for it, it would be a better decision to go with the majority because the number of learning resources that they can get will be more, and there will also be peer support. So make sure to take this into consideration before choosing an elective subject.

Ask For Advice

After having come to a partial decision it is always better to consult someone who has already gone through this process and made the decision for themselves. This is one of the best methods to choose your elective because it will give you a first person insight into what they have experienced and what that person's peers might have experienced at the time of choosing another elective.

Do Your Homework Thoroughly

Pull out all the resources that you can on each and every available elective subject and compare them side by side to decide which elective will suit your interests the best. After doing so choose the elective that helps you play to your strengths rather than choosing something that might lead you down a path of regret and possible failures. Make sure that the topics that will be taught in the subject spark your interest because it definitely means a lot.


Studying an elective subject should be a carefully thought out decision because the right subject can help with your portfolio and in the future while a wrong choice can lead you to waste your time in something that does not give you value whatsoever. These tips can help you make that decision easier and be more well-informed about what you are getting into. Do not take choosing an electric lightly because it can help broaden your horizons and give new perspective to subjects that you are already taking or pursuing. Most of all, make sure that the prospect of studying that subject feels like a fun experience.

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