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How to Make your Assignment Design Look More Professional


One of the most important aspects of an assignment, apart from the content of the assignment, is the aspect of assignment design. Assignment design is becoming more and more important as online school is becoming more dominant and the need for visually appealing digital assignments is increasing. Well-designed assignments can make sure that your work will leave a very good impression on your teachers, stands out from the rest of the class, and reflects how much work you and/or the group have invested in this project.

Good assignment design comes with a lot of benefits. It helps you display a clear-cut message in an interesting way, grab and retain the attention of the people who see that piece of work, and add a layer of detail and professionalism to the work.

Learning such design skills while still in school can be beneficial later on in life as well. In the working world, knowing how to identify professional designs that can have a deep impact on your audience and get a point across clearly can give a real advantage, especially when creating presentations and reports, and working with customers.

Tips to Make Your Designs Professional

Here are some ideas to help make your assignment design ideas pop and give them a  professional look.

Make Use of Design Elements

Design elements are shapes, lines, or any other pieces that help make something look appealing. These shapes can help accentuate certain elements of your design that can make them stand out. Design elements can also have a more profound function - guide the eyes of the viewer. Putting design elements in the right place can make the viewer look at what you are trying to show them. For example, it is psychological fact that the first place a person will look when looking at a design will be the top left portion because that is generally where people look automatically when reading. So, if you put some information there or if you add a design element like an arrow there towards something that you feel requires attention, like an important statistic, graph or image, you can effectively drive the attention of the viewer.

Use Elegant Fonts

Fonts are an integral part of assignment design when it is an online assignment. Using the right kind of font can leave the teacher with a good impression because not only will it make it look professional, it will also make it eligible and readable to the viewer, making it more attractive to the teacher evaluating it. The best fonts for this would be Times New Roman and Arial.

Do Not Overdecorate

A lot of students get into the habit of overdecorating their designs with too many design elements. Too much of anything is bad, and the last thing you want is for your assignment to look crowded. Crowded designs are not attractive at all, especially when it comes to a professional setting like an assignment. Make the design as minimalistic as possible so that the teacher can focus on the content and not on the loud design.

Use Bullet Points Wherever Possible

This is one of the most essential points to keep in mind in assignment design - use bullet points whenever you are trying to make a point. Bullet points are especially important in assignment design because it makes reading and interpreting the core content of the assignment that much easier. Bullet points also make the assignment look neater and more systematic because everything is so organized.

Font Colour and Size

This is something that is so overlooked and yet has such a deep impact on the viewer. Always use black text on an assignment. In fact, try to use as little colour as you possibly can because, in a professional setting, less is more. Use colour only when emphasizing something that is so important that you cannot help but point it out.

Another aspect of it is size. Size does matter in fonts and in design, especially in assignments. Preferably keep the headings H1 size, subheadings H2, and further subheadings under them at H3, H4, etc. This creates a visual hierarchy that makes it easier for the teacher to follow the assignment and grade it accordingly.

Pay Attention to Punctuation

Punctuation marks are typographical conventions that can greatly affect your assignment’s effectiveness. Make sure that the punctuations are right at all places and make sure to review once you are done because the proper use of punctuation marks can help the teacher understand the content better and make it easier for the teacher. The basic idea behind it is simple - if you make it easier for the teacher, it will reflect better on you.


These are simple yet effective ways to make your assignment look as professional as possible. The idea behind this is to make the design language simple and minimalistic while at the same time, aesthetically pleasing.

The online scenario is, however, changing rapidly. Creating and submitting assignments has never been easier. Teachmint makes creating homework and assignments easier with the Homework feature. It reduces a lot of stress on the part of the teacher and sets a proper deadline that the students can follow to complete it. The students also will be able to submit the assignment with the aesthetics and perfection they want. They also do not have to physically be present there to submit the assignment, they can simply submit it online.

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