15th October-World Students' Day

World Students' Day

  • Simran Rastogi
    Simran Rastogi
“The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise... Enlightened human beings can be created by teachers.”- APJ Abdul Kalam

15th October since 2010 is celebrated as “ World Students Day’’, also known as “International Students Day” to mark the birth anniversary of India’s 11th president Sir APJ Abdul Kalam. The United Nations(UN) in 2010 declared 15th October as the “ World Students Day’’ or “International Students Day”.  The Bharat Ratna recipient is also popular for his role as a teacher, he continued teaching till his last breath. Shri Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, a man with zero haters and uncountable admirers. The man who loved children and worked hard to assure their well-being was also known as the “Missile Man Of India.” His dream was to make India a developed country. He strongly believed that the youth of any country is its biggest asset. He was someone who always encouraged students to acquire the best education possible. Here are the five major contributions that Shri APJ Abdul Kalam made to the world of education-

  1. Education For All- APJ Abdul Kalam believed that education is the direct path to growth and development for any country. He not only believed in educating India but he also gave India a mission to completely get rid of illiteracy. The mission is still alive and India continues to grow each year.
  2. Mobilizing Resources- A dream without a plan is just a plan. Mr. Kalam not only gave India an idea to fight illiteracy but also made sure that there are enough resources in the schools for the students. His idea of a healthy classroom was ventilated rooms, enough light, and the best faculty. He always prioritized funds and expenditures for children’s education.
  3. Promoting Rural Education- Sir APJ Abdul Kalam made sure that no corner of India lacks quality education, good schools with all necessary amenities, etc. He wanted every home to be equipped with books and every young mind to be capable of dreaming big.
  4. Opening New Paths to Travel- From coming up with the idea of an expandable rocket project to being the project director of India’s first satellite launch vehicle, Sir APJ Abdul Kalam has always opened new paths for all young minds. He believed that a person can achieve anything they can dream of.
  5. Constant Encouragement- Sometimes all a student needs is a little encouragement from the right person and someone to believe in them. Shri APJ Abdul Kalam always encouraged students to do good in life. His words were the perfect medicine for every wound a child might have. Maybe that is why “quotes by APJ Abdul Kalam” still remains the most searched text on the internet. He motivated children to study well along with making them understand the importance of education.

On the occasion of world students day or International students day, let us recall the qualities of a good student-

  1. Disciplined- The first and foremost duty of a student is to be disciplined. It is believed that with discipline comes success. Students should always make a routine and follow it religiously. It is also observed that the students with a disciplined routine tend to shine brighter in academics.
  2. Open To Feedbacks- As human beings, students tend to make mistakes. Teachers appreciate their students when they do good, they also correct them wherever needed. In such situations, it is very important for the students to deal with the criticism positively. Taking responsibility for the mistakes and correcting them on time is the best way to deal with the feedbacks rightly.
  3. Self Confidence- Self-confidence is the key to become a wonderful student. There may be some sunny days as well as rainy days in a student’s life, but no matter what the situation is, a student should always remain positive in life. Being confident in dealing with any situation and trusting oneself competes for nothing. Overcoming stage fear with optimum confidence is the best example for the same.
  4. Raising Questions- A lot of students assume that asking questions would make them look or sound stupid, but the reality is the exact opposite. Asking questions is a sign of understanding and it assures the teacher that the student is putting effort into getting thorough with the concepts. Hence, no matter how foolish a question may seem in the student’s mind, they shall never hesitate to ask questions in the class.
  5. Ambitious- “Without having an idea about the destination, no one can travel the best road in life”. Hence, to be a good student and have a bright future, students should have a clear goal or ambition in life. Being ambitious is the best quality a student must have along with a good plan to transform their dreams into reality.

On the occasion of World Students Day or International Students Day, all the students should pledge to make APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream of making India a developed and educated country come true. All they have to do is give their best in whatever they choose to do as students.

We wish all the students a very happy “World Students Day”, keep shining!