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Green Skill Development Programme - What Schools Must Know


Studies show that the world would need a huge requirement of green skills in the future. It is of paramount importance that schools and other educational institutions realize the importance of green skills and work towards developing a generation equipped with skills to meet the employment needs of the future. Schools should realize why students need green education and how to enlighten them about sustainable development and how they can choose a career path that would help them to land a job that the climate action would offer. The Indian government has reinforced the importance of green skills through the establishment of the GSDP (GSDP full form- Green Skill Development Programme). Now, let us learn what are green skills and how important is it for schools to know about them. Also, we will learn what Green Skill Development Programme(GSDP) is.

What are Green Skills

If you are wondering what are green skills, here is an overview of the same. Green skills are the skills, knowledge and values that are necessary for nurturing a sustainable society. Over the years, technological developments have negatively impacted the environment around us and it has given rise to various measures and actions to combat these issues. These actions primarily focus on the sustainable development of our society. Green skills enable individuals to come up with innovative ideas that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

In order to reiterate the importance of green skills, the Green Skill Development Programme has been introduced. Let us learn more about GSDP in detail.

What is Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP)?

As mentioned earlier, environmental issues have accelerated sustainable activities and other developments to foster an environment-friendly society. The citizens ought to be skilled enough to meet the employment requirements of the future.

Green jobs contribute to maintaining or improving environmental quality for a sustainable future. In order for individuals to become more employable to bag green jobs, they have to develop green skills. GSDP aims to make youths skilled and also prepare them for the career requirements of the future that climate actions and other sustainable development activities would offer.

In collaboration with the National Skill Development Agency, MoEF&CC conceptualized and created the Green Skill Development Program (GSDP). Using the extensive network and knowledge of Environmental Information System (ENVIS) hubs and Resource Partners, the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC) is fostering the development of green talents.

The key intention behind the initiative is to ensure that the individuals are skilled to bridge the supply skill gaps that exist in the different levels of environment and forest fields. Through this programme, a group of Master Trainers/Specialists is being developed in the first stage so they may continue to train young people across the nation. In this way, the government is trying to cultivate a generation of young people who are equipped with the career requirements of the future.

Why Green Skill Development Programme is Important?

Better Opportunities

When individuals are able to upgrade their green skills, they will be able to acquire jobs that demand these skills. Since, with the development of green initiatives, organizations are moving towards a much more sustainable culture and hence, they would need employees who can cater to their needs. Hence, the development of green skills paves the way for better employment opportunities for individuals.

Planned Infrastructure

When individuals who are skilled come to the front, the organizations will be built on the basis of proper planning and structure. This makes their operations and functions more efficient and environment-friendly. The achievement of the SDGs, INDCs and national biodiversity targets will be aided by the green skilled workforce's technical expertise and dedication to sustainable development.

Vocational Training

With the establishment of programmes like GSDP, educational institutions would focus on the skill development of individuals. Courses that deliver practical knowledge come into being. It aids individuals in improving their employability quotient. The program intends to train young people who were unable to complete their higher education owing to a variety of financial or societal constraints, nonetheless having a desire to learn new things and do something worthwhile.

Low Carbon Economy

By giving importance to the green skill development programme, we will be able to create a low-carbon economy. In order to go from an economy that is heavily dependent on energy and emissions to one that is cleaner and greener in its production and service patterns, green skills are essential.

Lifelong Learning

It provides the opportunity for lifelong learning for people belonging to different career backgrounds. They can also work towards upscaling their skills and in this way, they may look for better career options. The myriad of options encourages individuals to involve themselves in lifelong learning and skills development.

Green Skills and the Role of Schools

Spreading Awareness

Schools are the best places to spread awareness about green skills and their importance to prospective employees, i.e., their students. Students who are unaware of the significance of the conservation of the environment may cause harm to the environment through their actions. Students would work towards developing green skills and a green mindset when they learn the opportunities, they open up for them.

Teaching the Fundamentals

Students gain fundamental knowledge about the necessity of leading a sustainable life can be taught in schools. The first step towards a greener future starts with schools and takes its shape in the following years. Schools play a key role in developing individuals who are responsible and eco-friendly in their thoughts and actions. Schools can encourage environment-friendly practices in the school.

Curriculum Enrichment

The inclusion of green skill enhancement can bring about positive changes in the way students live. Schools can introduce lesson which discusses what are green skills and why is it important in the current scenario. It can help in the success of initiatives like the Green Skill Development Programme and thereby help students in realizing the necessity of acquiring green skills. The course must be carefully curated to help the students transition and opt for green job-related courses.

Adopt Green Practices

As mentioned above, schools can adopt green practices so that these practices will be etched in their minds forever. It becomes a part of their lives and they make sure that their actions do not negatively impact the environment in any way. Moreover, it would kindle an interest in students towards pursuing a career that strives to ensure the health of the environment and promote sustainable lives through various actions.

Implement Effective Strategies

Teachers in schools can implement different strategies that accentuate the necessity of green skills for students. These strategies would help in the green skill development of the students and would be beneficial for student’s learning journey and growth


The green skill development program is a great initiative that seeks to increase employability and prepare people for future work demands. In a world that is transitioning to a more sustainable society, green skills are crucial. Initiatives like GSDP are there to make sure that people live environmentally friendly lives and encourage them to pick careers that can improve the planet we live in.  Hence, green skills are futuristic and demand attention to build an environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

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