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How to Become a Successful Teacher

Just like any other ambitious and competent professional, those working in the education field wish to be the best at our job. The foremost job of a teacher is getting the students to comprehend, learn and retain the concepts being taught in the classroom. In order to achieve this goal, a teacher not only needs to have the requisite knowledge but also good communication skills and most importantly he must be capable of keeping students engaged and interested in learning. In other words, a teacher must be popular among his students for them to be interested in learning.

Before a teacher can be well-liked by his students, they must develop the right mindset and be confident in their people skills. In the last few years, things sure have changed in the field of education, and for the good. Whether it be the proliferation in the adoption of e-learning or the introduction of the New Education Policy (NEP 2020) by the GOI, we have witnessed many positive steps being taken towards the advancement of the education system in our country. The government’s decision to rename MHRD (MHRD full form: Ministry of Human Resource and Development) to MoE (Ministry of Education) is an appreciable step in itself. With rapid changes in the status quo, it can sometimes be tricky for the teachers to adapt themselves. However, by keeping themselves updated, one can prepare themselves to tackle the obstacles. We have compiled a list of things you can do to become a more popular and successful educator. Whether teaching in an offline classroom or on an online live classes app, these tips will definitely serve the purpose. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Project a Unique Personality

Especially if you are a new teacher, developing and sticking to a unique personality is quite a successful technique to command your students’ respect and attention. You need not pick a funny character if that’s not your thing (although it helps too), even being a bit mean, strict, and angry shall do the trick. If you stick to a unique character, students will respect you, however you must be respectful of your students as well and not cross the line between being angry and being rude, unjust, or unreasonable.

Actively Involve the Students

An active learning environment that places the student at the center of his own learning helps in developing student engagement. Always be sure to ask students’ opinions and involve them in class discussions. You could also ask for their opinion about what they feel would make the classroom more fun and interesting. If the majority of the students have a common opinion about some things they would like to change, you must consider instituting the changes as student engagement is a prerequisite for any meaningful classroom learning.

Make Generous Use of Fun Learning Activities

Any subject can become interesting for the students if taught in a fun way. Gamification, which is the use of game mechanics in a non-gaming environment, can be an excellent add-on to any subject and classroom. Using puzzles and games to teach not only enhances student learning outcomes but also aids in the development of real-world skills such as competitiveness and teamwork. Moreover, it will make your students co-relate their study time as a fun time which will boost your popularity among them.

Pleasant Appearance

Students, especially teenagers often judge people around them based on what they are wearing and how they carry themselves. While, by all means, you should dress your age while maintaining a sense of propriety, you should become more aware of the current trends in fashion which will give you a common topic of conversation with your students. Students would be able to relate to you better, become much more comfortable in opening up to you, and subconsciously accept you as one of their own. Thus, things like dressing sense which might seem trivial, do in fact leave a lasting impact on bonding between a teacher and his students.

Therefore, it is evident that it is extremely important for an educator to be popular among his students in order to be successful at teaching. Certainly, if you follow the aforementioned steps, you shall become a popular face among your students in no time.

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