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Preparation Tips For Basic Training Certificate Exams

What is BTC?

The Basic Training Certificate is a two-year NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education, Government of India)-recognized certificate program that prepares individuals to teach in primary schools. The program assists applicants in learning all of the abilities necessary to excel in the role of teacher. Since it enhances the standard/quality of teaching, the basic training certificate provides enormous growth prospects for the educators. The basic training certificate (BTC) is recommended for teachers who want to teach the students of grades one through five (1-5) since it prepares a candidate for the role from the beginning and then advances them to the top. After completing the course, the applicants should feel confident in their ability to teach.

Preparation Tips for Basic Training Certificate Exams

1- Understand the Syllabus Well- The syllabus of the BTC(Basic Training Certificate) is extremely vast. Since it is a teacher training certificate which prepares the candidates to help the students in building a bright future, the candidates should have thorough knowledge of their subject. Having a deep understanding of the subjects will not only help the candidates in acing their exams, but will also help them in being an excellent teacher.

2- Design and Follow a Good Study Routine- Having a balanced study routine is crucial for the candidates. Many individuals design a good time table but fail to follow it on a regular basis. The candidates need to understand that the only way to score good marks in any exam is to design as well as follow a good study routine religiously. Following a study routine will help the students in taking out time for the things they love without compromising on their exam preparation. Maintaining a study-life balance is crucial in order to stay motivated in a longer run.

3- Do Regular Self Assessments-  It is important for students to maintain track of their inputs and outputs. They should make sure that the efforts they put in yields the intended outcomes. They should appear for tests, quizzes, and assignments to assure this. Students are sure to gain benefits by assessing themselves from time to time since they will be able to recollect what they have studied so far and get more familiar with the areas where they need to improve.

4- Give Enough Mock Tests- The significance of appearing for mock tests cannot be overstated. Candidates should appear for mock tests regardless of which exam they are taking. Giving a practice test will undoubtedly assist you in better understanding the exam. Once they begin taking the mock test, they will be able to quickly recognize the relevant topics, questions, or courses.

5- Watch YouTube Videos- YouTube has opened a world full of knowledge and opportunities for individuals. The preparation for the BTC exams can be simplified with amazing YouTube videos. There are multiple YouTube videos that give step by step instructions on how to solve the exam questions. There are Math tips and tricks, subject wise videos and other useful tips that guide the BTC candidates on how to save time and how to ace the exams in the most effective way. There are overview videos that take the aspirants through the general pattern of the exam as well.


With the right mindset and following the right preparation tips, candidates can easily prepare for the BTC(Basic Training Certificate) better. The above mentioned tips are sure to help the candidates in acing their BTC exams. All the best and keep learning!

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