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Teacher Helps Develop the Future Generation using Teachmint

“Our students have inspired us to learn. They are the future and we will go to any lengths to ensure that they receive the quality education that they deserve.”

Sandeep Gaur, one of the star tutors of Teachmint sees every obstacle as a learning opportunity. He has been a teacher for more than 20 years now and believes that teaching is a very noble profession, which is absolutely true. He has always kept students as the crux of his concern and always made it a point to go the extra mile to help his students and the teachers around him.

Mathematics is a subject that students usually frown upon. Teaching it face to face is difficult and it is even more so when it comes to teaching maths online. Sandeep Gaur is a maths teacher and finding an online teaching app where he could interact with his students was his primary concern. He is of the notion that the teaching-learning process would remain incomplete if there’s no interaction between the teacher and the students.

He says that the sudden shift to online teaching has pushed teachers to upskill and upgrade themselves and be a better version of what they were before.

“We have learned so much in the past six months. Maybe even more than what we did in the past 10 years”

Finding an online teaching app that does not exhaust the internet was a great challenge for Sandeep. The apps did not guarantee good interaction with students, the students did not feel a connection with the teacher and it is very hard to make learning effective when the students don’t feel a connection with the teacher. Sandeep thought that online teaching would never be as effective as teaching face-to-face.

He says that he never thought he could enjoy teaching online but that has become possible with Teachmint. He does not have to take time out to edit and upload videos, he just has to click on the live record option and he is all set to go. He also added that Teachmint has helped him to organize the classes in a better manner.

“ Online classes have become a part of our life and I see a bright future for Teachmint because of their customer service and the way they act on feedback. Every feature stands out and the live recording is one that is commendable.”

He believes that a good teacher should be a great learner. He has helped to train teachers in his school and has done videos on how to teach online effectively. He got emotional talking about the heights that his former students have reached and how he is hoping to see the same from his current students and that was proof of how devoted and committed he is to this profession. He is a role model to look up to and Teachmint is glad to have someone as motivational as Sandeep Gaur trusting us and using our platform to build the future. More power to you Sir!

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