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Climbing the Ladder of Success:Dheeraj Prajapati

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”-Malala Yousafzai.

A teacher has the potential to shape the lives of students and give them the ability to spread their wings. With the help of a teacher, students can reach their highest potential in every walk of life. They not only support the overall development of a child but also shapes their future. Today, we are bringing you the story of Dheeraj Prajapati, a private educator from Uttar Pradesh. Continue reading to know more about his inspirational journey and thoughts on the overall development of students.

Dheeraj Prajapati prepares students for different state and central-level competitive exams through his classes, D.P. Sir Classes. He teaches subjects like logical reasoning, maths, social studies, and languages to nearly 200 students. Through his teaching, he has shaped the lives of many students and is continuously providing the best education to students in and outside Uttar Pradesh.

Dheeraj Sir provides both online and offline classes to his students. He mentions, ‘Earlier, my classes used to operate in offline modes. I provided face-to-face classes to each of the students, but things changed during the pandemic and I shifted to online classes. Now, I am using the technology to the full extent to provide the best education to my students.’

Talking about the struggles faced during the pandemic, he mentions that it was challenging to shift from physical classes to online mode in the beginning. He says, ‘I had to learn many things before reaching out to my students. Many platforms were there for teaching but I had to choose the best for my students. When I learned about Teachmint, I decided to give it a try. It was a great experience to teach students through this platform.’

Talking about the benefits of online classes, Dheeraj Sir mentions that online teaching has helped him move beyond geographical boundaries. He says, ‘I am connected to students from Uttarakhand and Haryana through online classes. It was not possible in physical classes. I am happy that I am getting the chance to teach students outside Uttar Pradesh.’

Talking about his educational degree and journey as a teacher, Dheeraj Sir mentions completing his M.Sc degree. He also mentions that he became a teacher to support his family during a financial crisis. He recalls, ‘I started giving tuition classes to students when I was studying in class 11th. I used to conduct two sessions: morning and evening. Later, I developed interest in teaching and decided to make a career in this field.’

When asked about the Diamond Educator Award, Dheeraj Sir mentions that he got excited after seeing his trophy. He recalls, ‘I uploaded some pictures on the social media. It feels good when people recognize you for your work.’ He mentioned that he enjoys giving online classes because of the ease. Moreover, Teachmint has made the task effortless. Its high quality audio-video and live recording features are useful for me and my students.

Dheeraj Sir has a special message for his students. He mentions,

‘Students should try to learn new things. They should never stop being curious as it would help them deepen their knowledge on various subjects. Learning is a never-ending process and every teacher should also try to become a lifelong learner.’

We wish Dheeraj Sir all the best and hope to keep learning from him. Thank you for choosing us.

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