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Improving the Learning Process: Govind Kumar Verma

“Educators are the only people who lose sleep over other people’s kids”-Nicholas A. Ferroni.

It sums up the contribution of teachers to the growth and development of children. They are the ones who shape the career and personality of every child. Most students spend 6-8 hours of their everyday life in schools under the guidance of their teachers. As a result, they learn a lot from their peers and teachers, and this learning has a positive effect on their upcoming lives. Today we bring you the story of one such teacher, Govind Kumar Verma, who is shaping the future of his students through his school. Continue reading to know about his inspirational teaching journey.

Govind Sir runs a school, Ram Awadh Children’s Academy, to provide education to the students in his area. When we asked him about how he decided to establish a school, he said, ‘I live in a rural area, and the quality of education is not up-to-the-mark here. So I decided to do something about it. After moving back and forth, I decided to open a school to provide the best education to the students living in my area. Before opening the school, I was working for a bank as an Area Sales Head. I left that job and pursued teaching as my profession.’

Currently, Govind Sir is improving the lives of more than 850 students through his school. Also, 23 teachers are working with him to change the fortune of students living in the Dhanghata tehsil in Uttar Pradesh. Govind Sir left his bank job in 2015 to start his school with his savings. When asked about the motivation behind starting the school, he says, ‘2-3 kids from my family were also going to the schools situated in my village. However, we were unsatisfied with the quality of education they were getting. So I decided to start my institute to provide better learning opportunities to students. My father supported my decision and encouraged me. He is the one who made all this possible, and I am grateful to him for his continuous support and encouragement.’

When asking about Govind Sir’s journey as a teacher, he says,

I remember the day when I decided to open my school. We started with 42 students, and during our second year, the number of students increased to 72. Today, after almost 7 years, we are going strong with 850+ students. It has been an incredible journey for my team and me.’

He also recalls the days when his school was shut because of the pandemic. He says, ‘It was a tough time for everyone. However, we convinced the parents and students to join online classes. To make the learning seamless, we used Teachmint. The platform was easy to use for students as well as teachers. We were able to convince 650+students to join online classes on Teachmint.’

When asked about his experience after getting the Diamond Educator Award, Govind Sir says, ‘I am happy that people from all over the country are recognizing our work. We have put the award on display in your school office. It helps us build our credibility.’

Govind Sir has a special message for his students that says,

‘Students should never be afraid of hard work as success comes to those who give their best to achieve the extraordinary.’ He believes that schools should not focus only on providing theoretical knowledge to students. Instead, they should enhance the critical thinking abilities and creativity of students.

We wish Govind Sir all the best and hope to keep learning from him. Thank you for choosing us.

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