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Making Dreams Come True:Dharmendra Srivastav

“Education is the movement from darkness to light”-Allan Bloom.

A teacher brings hope and gives wings to the dreams and ambitions of students. They put all their efforts into helping their students reach new heights. Today we bring you the story of one such teacher, Dharmendra Srivastav, who is helping his students realize their dreams and excel in their professional careers. Continue reading to know more about his story.

Dharmendra Srivastav provides shorthand training to students through his classes, Shree Shorthand Classes in Uttar Pradesh. Currently, he is helping nearly 50 students learn shorthand writing. When asked about how he started his classes, he mentions, ‘First, I used to give typing lessons to students. I started my first tuition classes in 2002. Later, I changed to shorthand writing because of the demand from students. Currently, approximately 50 students are enrolled in my classes.’ Dharmendra Sir also mentions that the student count keeps changing in his classes. He says, ‘The number of students enrolled in my classes keeps on changing. At times, I provide shorthand training to 60-70 students, sometimes the number drops to 40. It all depends on how many students are willing to learn this form of writing.’

He believes that giving quality education to students is the responsibility of every teacher. Dharmendra Sir mentions, ‘When I started giving shorthand writing classes, I changed my way of teaching. I provide continuous support and guidance to my students and believe in solving their queries. My efforts were reflected in the number of students that joined my classes. Soon, I started getting more enrollments.’

When asked about his educational qualifications, Dharmendra Sir mentioned that he completed his B.A. LLB in 1999. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he started his typing classes and is continuing the same. He says that stenography has a bright future, but people are unaware of the potential of this field. He said, ‘The course is suitable for students who want to start their professional career at an early stage. Students can take the exam after completing their 10+2 studies.’

When talking about the experience after getting the Diamond Educator Award, Dharmendra Sir mentions that he was happy to receive the award. He says, ‘I am happy and proud to receive the award. If you are recognized for your hard work, nothing feels better than that. I was showered with congratulatory messages from my family members and students after getting the award.’

Dharmendra Sir has a special message for his students to boost their morale. He mentions,

Students should never be afraid of putting their heart and soul into studies. They should always try to learn new things. Moreover, they should follow a timeline and motivate themselves to study hard every day. Getting to learn something new every day is the biggest advantage for a student.’

He also mentions that Teachmint has helped him a lot in his teaching journey. He is satisfied with the platform and recommends it to other teachers. We are proud to be associated with such teachers. We wish Dharmendra Sir all the best and hope to keep learning from him. Thank you for choosing us.

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