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Competency Based Questions In Teacher Interviews

A teacher interview is your chance to show that you have the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to be a teacher. It is your chance to shine in front of the interviewers, so good interview preparation and finding out what competency-based questions you're likely to be asked is crucial. In teacher interviews, competency-based questions delve into the competencies and skills required for effective performance and intended results in every teaching position. Planning and organization, problem-solving, adaptability, communication skills, judgment, high-energy levels, resilience, and integrity are among the basic qualities considered essential for teaching professionals and are also the most common topics for competency-based questions in teacher interviews.

Now that we know the importance of competency-based questions let us go through the common topics for competency-based questions in teacher interviews, along with some examples.

Competency-Based Questions In Teacher Interviews

Organizing and Planning

Good planning and organizing necessitate setting clear objectives, effectively and efficiently scheduling resources, time, activities, and carefully evaluating results.

Examples of organizing and planning competency-based questions:

  • How will you implement a new study plan?
  • Adhering to the advantages of technologies, how will you use digital media and various technologies to improve your teaching?
  • What methods will you use to keep track of your student’s progress?
  • What steps have you taken to better your time management abilities?


Teachers will be asked competency-based questions to assess their ability to adapt and alter their approach to meet a variety of task and situational demands and manage diversity in the classroom. Some examples of adaptability questions asked in teacher interviews are:

  • Students of varying skills are mixed in classes. How will you address the requirements of students with varying levels of ability in a subject?
  • Have you ever employed differentiated instruction in a lesson?
  • What methods will you use to encourage students to accept one another in the classroom?


As a teacher, you must be able to recognize problems and acquire all necessary information, weigh all relevant information and facts, and weigh all options before deciding on the best course of action. Some examples of competency-based questions related to problem-solving:

  • How will you deal with a student who is not doing their homework daily?
  • How have you ever dealt with a quarrel involving two or more students?


Resilience is an important area usually tested in teacher interviews to understand your approach to handling opposition and disappointment. Some examples of competency-based questions related to resilience:

  • How have you ever handled circumstances in which your students appeared bored or uninterested in your class?
  • How will you handle a situation in the classroom where you feel students are getting out of control?
  • How will you deal with angry parents who are dissatisfied with their children's performance?

Maximizing Performance

Successful teachers create a learning atmosphere where students can reach their full potential. The following competency-based interview questions can be expected in teacher interviews:

  • How will you support underperforming students?
  • What methods have you used to maintain the active participation of the students in the classroom?

Communication Skills

Teaching necessitates active and attentive listening abilities and the ability to communicate ideas and present information effectively. The language and terminology used by teachers must match the needs of the students. Examples of communication skills competency-based questions:

  • Give me an example where you had to provide your students with some complex information. What methods did you use to ensure that they understood?
  • What strategies will you use to encourage students to share their opinions and thoughts in the classroom?


These competency-based questions examine your capacity to be proactive in coming up with improved ideas and activities and finding innovative solutions to problems and concerns. Some examples of questions related to innovation that are asked in teacher interviews are:

  • How will you use innovative teaching techniques to make your lessons more interactive?
  • What management tools will you use to manage students effectively?

Prepare for these competency-based interview questions, and make sure you're prepared well to manage your teacher interview successfully. Use the tips mentioned below to answer your competency-based questions in a better and noticeable way.

Tips To Answer Competency-Based Questions In Teacher Interviews

Using the STAR approach to structure your responses to competency-based questions helps ensure that you get your message across efficiently and effectively:

  • Situation: Give your anecdote context by describing the situation.
  • Task: Explain what you were asked to complete in your task.
  • Activity: Describe what you did as an activity.
  • Result: As a result, describe how the event unfolded.

Highlight your achievements in the shortest amount of time possible, and be sure to end your teacher interview on a favorable and positive note. Personalize your responses and ask a friend, instructor, teacher, or career consultant to conduct a mock interview for you as practice. Teacher interviews usually end with a general question, 'Is there anything else you would like to ask us', so prepare a few questions for the interviewer to ask at the end, like questions related to the school's vision and key future developments. This is your time to find a little more about the school or organization and show your genuine interest in the job.

These tips will help you prepare well for competency-based questions and teacher interviews.


Competency-based questions that are asked in teacher interviews vary depending upon the organization and school. Still, it is always advisable to prepare for the general competency-based questions to understand what you can expect in teacher interviews. Use the STAR approach and the interview tips as mentioned earlier to answer competency-based questions in teacher interviews. Do some research about the school and, if possible, pay a visit. In your responses to competency-based questions, include at least some research findings to demonstrate your genuine interest in them as a school or organization. This will make your responses more noticeable and help you stand out among other interviewees.

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