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10 Interview Preparation Tips for Teachers

The excitement of applying for the role of a teacher in your dream school is unmatchable. However, it is only the first step that makes you one of the many candidates who have applied for the job. You see, the polished language and accomplishments mentioned in your resume might get you through the initial screening process.

But please understand that no one gets the job on the basis of their CV. The real game-changer will be the 30 minutes you spend answering the questions of the interview panel. From your first eye contact to your confidence and body language, everything will be under the scanner.

It is the only time when you get to shine out of the lot and prove your mettle for the job. So are you ready to get your game on? If yes, follow these interview preparation tips and nail the interview like a pro.

1.Always make it about your students

It is the best interview preparation tip that every teacher should follow. Teaching is all about molding your teaching techniques according to the needs of the students. But how will you prove that you are proficient in doing this?... And the answer is “By making your interview exclusively about the students.”

Talk about how passionate and energetic you feel around young children. Explain how you are different from others and how you can add value to the lives of your students.

2. Be tech-savvy

With the advent of COVID-19, four-wall classrooms have swiftly transformed into virtual meetings. The world now needs modern and proactive teachers who can wrap traditional teaching values into advanced teaching methods.

So, make sure you are well-versed with the technological advancements in the field of education. You can leverage the power of the internet to know the latest educational software used in schools.

3. Be realistic

Be realistic in your approach. Roll out pragmatic teaching modules that are appealing and can enhance the knowledge of the students. Avoid using jargon and complicated buzzwords during the interview. The crux is, let the panel judge you by your creativity and innovativeness.

4. Talk about the bigger picture

A good teacher always has a long-term vision. And if you want to come across as an experienced and mature teacher, make sure you talk about the bigger picture. It is one of the most useful interview preparation tips you will ever receive.

Give your thoughts on how the teaching scenario will change in the coming years. Also, explain how you can be instrumental in promoting innovative teaching methods in the long run.

5. Present yourself as a learner

Although you are applying for the role of a teacher, do not forget to showcase your willingness to learn. This approach will present you as a passionate individual who has the zeal to excel in every field of life.

You see, learning is an ongoing process. You should always find some ways to upgrade your skills and traits. Attending workshops, webinars, courses, and conferences are some of the most popular ways to gain insight from experts.

6. Planning is the key to success

Plan your day at least a week ahead. Check the interview venue. If possible, drive and understand the route. Parking lots in schools can be a maze for first-timers. So make sure you reach the interview venue on time.

Firmer handshakes and a confident smile will prove to be your best accessories. Research interview questions for teachers online and prepare their answers. Dress conservatively, professionally, and comfortably. These simple things can up your game significantly.

7. Research the industry

Are you looking out for some interview preparation tips? If yes, here is the best one for you. Gain as much knowledge as you can about the education industry. Apart from this, also research the history and vision of the school.

Explain how joining this esteemed institution can boost your career graph. The crux is, you need to align your career goals with the objectives of the school you are applying to. This will create a positive impression on the interviewers.

8. Practice and prepare for your class demo

Your interview preparation is incomplete if you are not ready for a class demo. You see, the class demo is a crucial step for every teaching applicant. The way you interact with students and explain concepts speaks a lot about your confidence level and personality.

So, make sure you do not let this chance of impressing the interviewers slip from your hands. Here are some tips to pass this step:

  • Focus on conducting an interactive classroom session
  • Identify your audience and mold your teaching methods accordingly
  • Be unique and creative
  • Have a look at the fundamentals again
  • Be loud and clear in your explanation
  • You should also plan a Q&A session at the end of the class
  • You will be given the topic in advance. Preparing notes can make things easier for you

9. Ask questions

There comes a time when interviewers are done with their questions. They look at each other to check if anyone has more questions to ask you. Then the moment comes when you are asked, “Do you have any questions”. Yes, you do have.

Prepare some thought-provoking and impressive questions to ask. You can ask about the philosophies of the school. Or ask about the demography of the area. Whatever you ask, make sure you create an impression that you are ready to build your life and career around this educational institution.

10. Stay calm and be pleasant

You do not want to seem tensed or unpleasant. If you feel stressed, tell the interviewer that you need some water or if it is a video interview, excuse yourself, and take a deep breath. Compose yourself and then move ahead.


This was all about how your preparation for the interview should be. Make sure you stay confident and polite while answering questions. Use crisp and rich vocabulary (avoid using complicated words or buzzwords) to explain your objectives in life.

Quote real classroom examples to showcase your proficiency as a teacher and mentor. Be a good listener who values and promotes real-world learning. Last but not least, emphasize your role in guiding and shaping the future generations of the nation.

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