Teachmint Teacher Recognition Program

Teachmint Teacher Recognition Program

  • Anagha Vallikat
    Anagha Vallikat

It is said that teachers are holy angels leading their flocks out of the darkness. While teachers strive every day to ensure that their students are receiving the best possible education, it is only fair to acknowledge their efforts.

Since time immemorial, teachers have been resourceful and they have the innate ability to make the most out of the limited resources they have at their disposal. When the world came to a standstill with the global pandemic, teachers were quick to adapt to the changes and made a switch to the online method of teaching.

The Teachmint Teacher Recognition Program is an effort to appreciate and reward the teachers of Teachmint who are selflessly dedicating their time to provide quality education to their students.

What is TTRP?

Teaching is a complex profession and at Teachmint, we want to ensure that no effort goes unnoticed. To be recognized by TTRP and to fall under the Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum categories is nothing short of a privilege and an honor.

Teachmint will be recognizing the teachers based on their activity on Teachmint. The TTRP is divided into four main categories. Namely,

  • Silver - Teachers with a minimum of three students who complete 100 teaching hours will fall under the silver category and will receive a goodie box from Teachmint containing a letter of appreciation from the COO, a T-shirt, and a certificate.
  • Gold - Teachers with at least 10 students, who have completed 500 teaching hours will be recognized as gold Educators. They will receive a Teachmint T-shirt, memento, an appreciation letter from the Director- Teacher Experience
  • Diamond - Teachers with a minimum of fifty students who have completed 1000 teaching hours fall under the diamond category and will receive a Teachmint T-shirt, memento, an appreciation letter from Director - Teacher Experience, and a Teachmint personalized - Diary, Pen, and
  • Platinum- Teachers with more than 2000 teaching hours and at least a hundred students fall under the Platinum category. They will be rewarded with a pentab, ย Phone-stand tripod, and lights. Teachmint T-shirt, a memento, an appreciation letter from Director - Teacher Experience.

There is nothing better than being recognized for the work that you do. The milestones that you reach are just an indicator of how amazing you are. Be a part of Teachmint and get recognized for the amazing work that you do!

Happy teaching!