Conducting Online Classes Effortlessly with the Help of Teachmint

Conducting Online Classes Effortlessly with the Help of Teachmint

  • Simran Rastogi
    Simran Rastogi

โ€˜In ย a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something else.โ€™ โ€“Lee Iacocca

In today's story of the Teachers of Teachmint, we bring to you the story of Mr. Prateek Kumar, a Chemistry teacher who hails from Bajidpur, Aligarh. He has been teaching since 12th grade. His father is a teacher, he used to see his father preparing for his classes every day. He really loved what his day looked like, and that was something he looked up to. Prateek Sir is currently pursuing B.Sc from B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. In order to stay updated with the syllabus, new concepts, and educational trends, he decided to start teaching at an early age. He calls deciding to become an online teacher one of the best decisions of his life.
Soon after the idea hit him, he decided to start his own coaching institute. However, since he was also pursuing a regular graduation degree, he wanted to teach with flexibility. One fine day, he came across Teachmint through a social media platform. He read about stories of teachers who have been teaching online, conducting classes at any hour they want. Impressed by the excellent features of Teachmint, he decided to start teaching online. ย 

He opened his own online coaching institute on Teachmint by the name 'Symbol UC Classes', he teaches Chemistry to the students of classes 11th & 12th. He loves the application as conducting classes on Teachmint is extremely easy. Prateek Sir also finds the live class recording feature very helpful as it helps him in recording the classes for the future reference of the students.

'I love the live class recording feature the most as I can record the classes for the future reference of my students. There are times when I don't have time to attend the classes in the morning or at the time promised to my students. The live class recording feature helps me a lot in such situations. It helps me in recording the lectures in advance, this way my students never miss a class. Teachmint has made the whole process extremely convenient and time-saving. I am grateful to be associated with the app. With the help of its excellent features, I am able to help my students in building a better future for themselves and the world.'

Along with being an amazing teacher, Prateek Sir is an excellent mentor as well. He ensures the overall growth and development of his students. He makes sure that students understand the importance of hard work and discipline in their life.
Telling interesting stories, sharing inspiring events is something Prateek Sir follows to keep his classes interesting.

We are very glad and grateful to be associated with a teacher like Prateek Sir. We wish him all the best for his future.