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Duties of a Campus Manager


A campus manager is responsible for promoting university programs and increasing student enrollment each year. They collaborate with various departments of the institution to come up with the most effective campus management plans. Their daily tasks include mediating enrollment goals, implementing security systems, and promoting programs through direct marketing.

A campus manager job description also highlights how they are responsible for explaining policies to concerned stakeholders and directing students towards their enrollment details. Campus managers hire and enforce staffing, building hours and handle all necessary documentation for everyone hired. They can keep record tabs on students.

Responsibilities of Campus Manager

  • Improving Enrollment Rate: Campus managers usually work with other departments to come up with advertising and promotion activities, enhance the school website and much more, as is suited to increase student enrollment. They may organize community outreach programs to market and recruit potential students.
  • Creating and implementing Policies: Campus in-charge duties in school establish on-campus policies for everyone- students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors. These policies focus on maintaining safety, accessibility, and hygiene on campus grounds.
  • Communicating Policies: Students are regularly informed about changes or updates in how they can communicate with their teachers, contact parents, manage visitors, etc through handbooks distributed throughout the college.

Job Outlook for a Campus Manager?

Campus managers fall under the category of postsecondary education administrators. Other professionals in this category include admissions counsellors, university advocates, and enrollment advisors.

How to Become a Campus Manager?

  • A bachelor's degree in marketing, sales, or a related field is common for campus managers. This degree guarantees the manager is trained in making policies and working with an institution's management.
  • A practical experience in marketing and sales for at least 2 years.
  • Creating a separate skills section on the resume to list relevant skills such as sales strategies, marketing techniques, communication, leadership, policy development, and strategic planning can be beneficial.
  • Utilizing professional associations and networking with professors, admissions counsellors, and student advisers can help in seeking employment opportunities as a campus manager.

A campus manager can promote a school successfully by focusing on the details and providing students with a clear idea of how their institution life might look like. With the right education, experience, and skills, one can excel in this position and contribute to the development of educational institutions.

A campus manager is the person who works towards recruiting new students and securing enrollments for universities and colleges. They often have to work closely with other university departments, like admissions, student advisory councils, and marketing to promote their programs. Campus managers promote the programs of their universities through direct, in person marketing strategies. Adding to increasing enrollment rates and promoting university programs, campus managers create and implement campus procedures & policies. These could include mediation, student safety and off-campus referral practices.

Daily Tasks of Campus Manager

A campus manager may have varying duties, but typical daily tasks include:

  • Mediating communication of enrollment goals between departments
  • Creation and implementation of on-campus security systems
  • Promotion of university programs via direct marketing initiatives
  • Explaining policies to staff, students, parents, and faculty
  • Directing students towards enrollment and admission counselors
  • Understanding and enforcing staffing and building hours
  • Completing all the necessary documentation
  • Making use of social media to market university programs
  • Managing merchandise programs for the purpose of market university offerings
  • Keeping track of campus grounds to keep an eye out for potential safety hazards
  • Managing university advocates for marketing efforts
  • Discussing new policies with staff and other faculty
  • Making sure that all policies that are created adhere to university mission and guidelines

Responsibilities of Campus Manager

What are the main duties and roles of a campus manager? They are as follows:

Improving the Rate of Enrollment

One of the main responsibilities of campus managers is improving enrollment rates for the next year. To do so, the campus manager works with other enrollment-related departments like marketing and admissions to discuss creating strategies and admission goals to fulfill them. They may invite advocates to perform community outreach programs to market their programs as well as to recruit enrollees. For example, a campus manager might assign a team of university advocates for marketing their available programs near a place like a cafe or park that is quite popular with high school students.

Creating and Implementing Policies

Another responsibility of a campus manager is to create and implement on-campus policies. These policies might apply to faculty, students, visitors, and staff. Campus managers might implement policies to:

  • Make sure that the safety of students, staff and faculty are not at risk
  • Limit visiting hours to the institution’s campus
  • Create an accessible and inclusive environment for students
  • Maintain the overall hygiene and cleanliness of campus grounds

Communicating Policies

It is also the responsibility of the campus manager to communicate the campus policies with the students and other members of faculty which is done by creating policy handbooks or informational documents and circulate them for the appropriate departments. They might also include policies for students on their websites or display them in the institution’s common areas. They may also conduct faculty meetings to make sure that all departments understand policies and procedures.

Job Outlook for a Campus Manager

Campus managers often belong to the professional category of postsecondary education administrators. The professionals that belong in this category might also include admissions counselors, university advocates, and enrollment advisers.

How to Become a Campus Manager

Given below are some of the steps to help become a campus manager:


The most common educational qualification for campus managers is a bachelor's degree in marketing, sales, or any other related field. If you have not already done so, it is worth considering enrolling in a four-year degree program to fulfill that requirement. When studying sales or marketing, you can get valuable knowledge and training that can invariably help you succeed as a campus manager. The course offers in-depth insight into sales strategies, marketing techniques and the psychology of selling. In addition, receiving such an education can help understand university processes better, which can in turn contribute to success as a campus manager.


After completing the degree program, the next step would be to consider getting practical experience in the field of marketing and sales. It would be best to start by applying for entry-level jobs within either of these fields to gain experience. Gaining practical experience is one of the best ways to practice applying the knowledge learned in school to daily tasks and duties. It would also be beneficial to seek entry-level marketing and sales positions with universities and colleges to improve the relevance of experience.

Highlight Skills On Resume

Once you feel you are ready to seek campus manager positions, it would be wise to consider using your resume as a means of highlighting your relevant skills. Create a separate skills section on the resume and list six to eight skills that best align with the duties of a campus manager. These skills can include:

  • Knowledge when it comes to sales strategies
  • Marketing techniques
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership quality
  • Policy development
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Teamwork abilities


It would be beneficial to make use of a network of professional associations to get employment as a campus manager. Several campus managers find employment with the college or university from which they graduated. It would be better to contact previous professors, admissions counselors or student advisers to inquire about available positions as a campus manager beforehand. It would also be a good idea to seek employment with other colleges or universities by means of researching their available opportunities through their websites, classified ads, or professional networking sites.


Hopefully, this blog has helped you in understanding the roles, responsibilities and the educational qualifications required by a person to hold the position of a campus manager.

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