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Ensuring Students' Overall Development With Teachmint

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor for me”-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Being a teacher holds a lot of responsibilities as they are accountable for shaping the future of any country. The teaching profession is not only about giving theoretical knowledge to students; instead, it is about shaping their character. Today, we bring you the story of one such teacher, Kundan Roy, who is working continuously to provide the best education and help his students in their overall development. Continue reading to know more about his story.

Kundan Roy is a private educator based in Chakradharpur, Jharkhand. He provides English lessons to students in primary and secondary classes. Before starting his tuition classes, he was associated with a school. However, that school got shut down due to the pandemic, which gave Kundan Sir the opportunity to start his independent classes. He enjoys teaching and believes that he is born to be a teacher. He has been offering private lessons to students and his classmates since 2011.

Talking about the start of his teaching career Kundan Sir says, ‘I started teaching at a very young age. I conducted my first class when I was in 11th standard. It was a new experience, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. That’s when I decided to continue teaching for the rest of my life.’

Kundan Sir believes in upskilling and delving deeper into the ocean of knowledge. That’s why he has registered himself for the B.Ed course. He believes that the degree will help him improve his credibility and make him understand his students better.

Talking about the educational achievements of Kundan Sir, he mentions completing his post-graduation in English in 2021. He always had an interest in the subject and wanted to develop a better understanding of the same. That’s why he decided to pursue a postgraduate in English. He believes that language skills are crucial for the overall growth of students. He says that if students cannot convey their feelings and thoughts to others, there is no point in reading 100 different books.

Talking about Teachmint and its features Kundan Sir mentions that their school principal advised using Teachmint to provide online classes to students. That was the first time every teacher in his school started using the platform. Over time, they realized the benefits of using Teachmint. The live class feature, interactive whiteboard, and class recording became handy for educators.

“Teachmint is not only helpful for me, but it has equally benefited my students. The live class recording and interactive whiteboard have made my tasks easier. I can share my views and ideas and interact with students more freely using the whiteboard.”

Kundan Sir has a special message for his students. He mentions ‘Students should never fail to try. They should try to come up with new ideas to learn different things. If they stop experimenting, their learning process will slow down. So I encourage my students to not be afraid of failures and keep trying new things.’

Kundan Sir recommends Teachmint to all teachers. He says it is the most feasible platform for educators. We are happy to be associated with Kundan Sir and teachers of his kind. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Teachmint helps schools envision a future where their students are equipped with 21st-century skills. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience. Our offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational organizations.

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