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Exploring New Avenues with Teachmint

“Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit.”

Suraj Bansode is undoubtedly a winner. Hailing from Latur, Maharashtra, he is a Commerce teacher. He used to teach in a private college, but with the sudden onset of the pandemic and educational institutions coming to a standstill, his salary was reduced, and this affected him.

He decided to leave his job and start a coaching business. It was not easy, to say the least. He couldn’t start an offline coaching business due to budget constraints and the situation really did not call for an offline business. He knew he wanted to teach online but was doubtful about the online teaching platforms and online teaching apps in the market. He had created a proper setup - with tripod stands, whiteboard, and other such online teaching essentials - because he was adamant about the quality of education. He used a couple of online teaching apps,  but was left disappointed by the poor video and voice quality.

“The apps that I used were so disappointing. I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out attendance and there were countless screenshots on my phone. Classes used to get disturbed and there was zero satisfaction.”

Suraj faced a lot of challenges such as poor network connectivity, and not being able to track attendance, and likewise. He came across Teachmint and has been using it ever since. He couldn’t stop talking about the features of Teachmint. He has been able to take classes effortlessly ever since.

“I was searching for an app that would make the lives of teachers easier and that’s exactly what Teachmint does. I realized that the other apps that I used were meant for meetings/ business and Teachmint was specially designed for teachers. The ease and efficiency of the app is commendable.”

Suraj says that the live class recording feature is a lifesaver and that it is beneficial for both students and teachers since it saves a lot of time and effort. The students can just go back and watch the recorded classes in case they have any doubts and the low-quality mode has helped him a lot. He went on to talk about the other amazing features such as assignments and tests. He has been able to evaluate tests in an easier manner and share study materials in just a few clicks.  

“I would urge teachers to use Teachmint. I can guarantee that you” ll fall in love with the app. The quality is unparalleled and it is the best app for online teaching.”

Suraj Sir has been using Teachmint for more than six months now, and has over 500 students. His enthusiasm and confidence in Teachmint push us to do better and become better than what we are now.

“If you are a teacher, try using Teachmint. If you are a student, ask your teachers to try using Teachmint because I am sure that you won’t be able to use another app once you learn how amazing Teachmint is.”

Suraj Bansode is an inspiration and a reminder that you have to keep moving forward no matter how adverse the situation is.

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