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Extending A Helping Hand With Teachmint

Kajal Maurya Ma'am who hails from the heart of Haryana- Ambala Cantt is a multi-talented teacher. She teaches Accounts, Business Studies as well as Mathematics. Her story and especially her thoughts behind choosing teaching as a full-time profession is really inspiring. Kajal Ma'am has been associated with Teachmint for more than one year now, she came across Teachmint through a social media post. Kajal ma'am found Teachmint to be an opportunity for her and all the other teachers, she believed that Teachmint could help her fulfill her dreams of being an independent teacher.

When asked about her motivation behind becoming a teacher, her answer was heart-touching. Kajal Ma'am shared her story with us, the story of a time when Kajal ma'am herself was a student. Remember studying trigonometry, integration, differentiation, and all those haunting and scary long formulas, equations, and almost impossible to solve tricky questions?

We used to find answers for those questions only after our teacher told us some short-trick or easy method to solve that question. In short, our teachers made, not only in mathematics but all the difficult questions a cakewalk for us.

Do you think you would have managed to learn those difficult concepts, formulas, etc without the proper guidance, constant push from your teacher? Of course not right? But that was what Kajal ma'am had to go through during her school days. Most of the schools in Ambala didn't have teachers for teaching the students of higher classes like 10th and 12th. Kajal ma'am had to struggle a lot to understand the basic concepts, she had to put in extra effort and hard work to complete her syllabus to qualify for the exams.

The situation of the schools in Ambala as well as in many other cities like Ambala hasn't seen much progress even after so many years. Students still struggle to get proper guidance from teachers because of the absence of good educators nearby.

" I used to wait for my teachers in class and they wouldn't show up, private tuitions were not an option for me as my parents couldn't afford the tuition fees, hence, I had to study everything myself without anyone's guidance. It would take me hours to solve one single equation,  but that was the only option that I had."

Kajal ma'am didn't want hundreds of students to suffer as she did, but the moment she decided to start private tuition to help as many students as she can, covid happened and her plans couldn't get executed. But she didn't want to be helpless, Kajal ma'am wanted to execute her plans, she wanted to work hard to bring a change, she was searching for options and ways of starting with her plans. Since teaching offline was no longer an option, Kajal ma'am was looking for the best online teaching app as she wanted to give the best quality of experience as well as knowledge to her students.

"The moment I installed Teachmint, I knew this was it. My one-stop solution, the wind beneath my wings, and my permanent partner in growth. I put all my trust and efforts into Teachmint and I can proudly say that choosing Teachmint was the best decision ever."

When asked about her advice to the fellow teachers, she said-

“Teaching is a noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor for me.” – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Teaching is the noblest profession and  one that gives you love, respect, satisfaction, and a good income too, so if anyone takes up teaching as a profession, they must make sure that their students are totally satisfied with what they teach. When the students leave the classroom, they must go with 'zero doubts'.

Today, Kajal ma'am is trying to reach as many students as she can and she proudly calls herself an entrepreneur. We are so proud of Kajal ma'am and all the teachers like her out there.

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