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Growing Each Day With An App Par Excellence!

Subhash Thakur who hails from one of the most loved states of India - Himachal Pradesh's 'Mandi' is a wonderful Hindi Teacher. He is a highly skilled and qualified teacher. Subhash sir holds a graduation degree from a renowned university. He also holds a master's degree and an M.Phil degree from H.P University, Shimla.  The reason we call Subhash sir ‘highly skilled’ is that he has also qualified UGC NET while he was still pursuing M.Phil. He is a multi-talented teacher and teaches students from all grades. He even guides the candidates preparing for UGC NET and other state-level exams.

Since childhood, he knew that his best match was teaching, but never realized that he loved teaching beyond anything until he started teaching online. Earlier he used to teach offline, but since everything took a pause, his classes were also on a halt. Subhash sir is a person who loves utilizing time at its best and he did not like the fact that his students were suffering. He decided to come out of his comfort zone and experiment with online teaching. He then tried and tested a lot of online platforms but nothing suited his way of teaching. He believes in explaining things deeply to his students, no matter how much time it takes. This was the biggest hurdle that he faced with all the platforms out there, since those applications were not designed specifically for teaching.

He came to know about an app that had no time limit for conducting classes, that helped teachers in saving time by automatically recording the attendance and likewise. He installed Teachmint in a click and here is what he has to say about his experience with Teachmint-

Initially, when I heard about the app, I thought it was the perfect app for teachers as it saves time and effort. But, when I started using the app and conducted a few classes, I realized that it was a student-teacher-friendly application. Not only me but also my students benefitted from the features of the app. My students could revise using the recorded classes at any hour of the day. I feel so motivated when my students appreciate the way I teach. I will definitely share this credit with the Teachmint family.

When asked about his favorite feature, his answer was overwhelming-

I love Teachmint. It won't be fair to choose any one feature of such a marvellous application. However, since my students are big fans of the live class recording feature, I will vote for it. The fact that makes me love Teachmint, even more, is that it allows a two-way conversation between teachers and the students. Unlike other applications, my students now speak up and discuss their doubts with me rather than just leaving texts in the chatbox. My class now seems more interactive and my students never feel bored!

His motivation behind becoming a teacher was the fact that a teacher never stops learning. He is a person who loves to stay updated. Hence, teaching was the best career choice that matched his goals and philosophy of life.

He also has a message for all the teachers out there-

When students enter a classroom(online or offline), they come with the hope and belief in their heart that their teacher will bring the best out of them, will challenge their capabilities, and help them succeed in life. Since teachers are considered to be the guiding light for students, it's a teacher's responsibility to give their best and guide the students in the right direction.

The whole Teachmint family is grateful to have teachers like Subhash sir associated with us because he says-

I would like to thank the Teachmint family from the bottom of my heart for thinking so much about the teachers and building an application par excellence. I wish Teachmint conquers greater heights. I have just started using Teachmint, hoping for a long and fruitful journey with them.

We wish Subhash sir all the very best for his future.

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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