Learning Management System
End-to-end solution for learning and teaching
Create high quality assessments with minimal effort
Fee Management
All the fee management tools you need under a single roof
Student Information System
All your student data at your finger tips in one click
Admission Management
Seamless lead management and admission process digitization
Exam Planner
Plan exams and share schedule seamlessly with all students and teachers
Report Card
Customize, create, download and print your school’s digital report card
Collect school fees in advance and get visibility into your cashflow
Student Tracking System
Keep track of student information, performance, bus-location and attendance.
Launch NEP Compliant 21st Century Skill Courses

How Can Teachmint Help Schools Realize Their True Potential?

More schools are trying to adjust to the requirement to promote accessible long-distance learning after the setback caused by the pandemic. Technology has proved to boost immersive learning and better engagement. The NEP 2020 structure focuses on the extensive use of technology in learning and teaching. It will help to remove language barriers and improve educational planning and management.

To aid the technological advancement in the field of education, Teachmint offers future-ready classrooms and helps schools with its innovative SaaS solutions designed for schools. Read on to learn more about how Teachmint can help schools to realize their true potential.

School ERP

Teachmint offers ERP software to make school management simpler and more efficient. It includes management tools like:

  • Fee Management: Fee Management System helps to simplify the process of fee collection, segregation, and management. Another added feature to the system allows the schools to issue discounts when required.
  • Attendance Management: The ERP also helps with the management of school attendance. It saves time and reduces redundancy with its effective attendance management system.
  • Transport Management: The schools can plan bus routes and manage the transport staff with school ERP. It also helps to track the school buses and their location with GPS.
  • Admission Management: Teachmint ERP also helps schools track students' inquiries in offline and online modes. The admission management system tracks potential leads at every stage of enrollment.
  • Inventory Management: Teachmint’s school ERP provides inventory management solutions to make the inventory process hassle-free. Through this, schools can keep track of all items and categorize them according to utility.
  • HR Management: The Human Resource Management of the school ERP system helps the schools check staff attendance. It also aids them in managing and monitoring leaves.
  • Communication Module: The school ERP system of Teachmint helps the schools to send instant messages, make announcements, and connect with all stakeholders in real-time.
  • Certificate and ID Card generator: The ERP also helps the schools to generate ID Cards, certificates, and documents. The ID card can be customized and rectified in case of any errors. Schools can also tweak designs or create new designs from scratch.
  • Exam Management: One of the most important tasks in a school is planning to conduct an exam. To simplify the task, Teachmint’s school ERP creates a system to schedule and plan exams. It also makes the process of printing report cards error-free by reducing human involvement.
  • Calendar planner: Schools can use Teachmint’s ERP to plan the academic year, which includes holidays, week-offs, events, and activities.
  • Website Builder: Websites play an important role in building an image of a school. Teachmint’s ERP provides a website-building solution. Schools can create, update, customize and maintain the school’s website.

LMS (Learning Management System)

Teachmint also brings LMS for efficient learning in a virtual classroom. It helps the schools with

  • Live classes and recording
  • Assigning homework
  • Tracking student engagement
  • Learning resources for students from kindergarten to 12th
  • Creation and evaluation of tests
  • Private and classroom chats for better interaction among student-teacher
  • Notice board for any announcement
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Creation of a class schedule
  • Performance analysis
  • Reports and analytics
  • Question bank and practice test

Digital Content

Teachmint has created digital content for better student engagement and analytical insights that include:

  • Animated videos for complex topics
  • Assigning homework and tracking engagement
  • Text and voice-over content in languages like Hindi and English
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Analysis of video watch time
  • Assessing student’s interest and comprehension

For an interactive and better visual learning experience. Teachmint’s digital content offers:

  • NCERT-mapped content for self-paced learning
  • Categorization of classes, subjects, and topics
  • Engaging multimedia content for attention-retention

There’s more! It offers more than 520 hours of digital content in addition to question banks with more than 20 lakh questions. Also, it provides more than 9 lakh learning modules in languages like Hindi and English. Students can also take notes, practice questions, and get offline content.

Complete mobile and web solution

Teachmint provides an integrated school system in web and mobile versions for better access. It provides a seamless user interface in every mode for students, admins, parents, and teachers.

Benefits of Teachmint Integrated School Platform

1. Increased school efficiency

Schools can also turn their systems and processes into more efficient versions with the help of Teachmint’s school ERP software. Along with the staff, it also helps the parents and teachers to keep track of students’ attendance, fees, performance, and more.

2. Automation of school administration

The framework for digital transformation in Higher Education Institutions emphasizes on automation of systems to create agile processes. To meet the demands of NEP 2020, Teachmint’s school ERP aims to automate processes to make them simpler, more efficient, and less resource-intensive.

3. Error-free administration

Automation of processes and systems makes them error-free. It reduces human error in calculations and execution. Since most functions are done through ERP software, schools get efficient administration and can focus more on providing quality education.

4. Simplified exam management

Teachmint’s exam management system helps schools by simplifying the process of planning and scheduling examinations. It digitizes the same and even helps with issuing report cards. It sets an error-free report card generator system and sends them to parents as soon as results are declared. The generated report cards comply with NEP 2020 guidelines and include co-curricular activities' grades.

The ERP software takes care of several mundane but important tasks, such as attendance management, performance tracking,  and conducting and scheduling exams and assignments.


More than 10,000 schools have unlocked their true potential with Teachmint’s ERP and LMS solutions. More than a crore of students and teachers enjoy better learning and engagement with the curated content of Teachmint. Teachmint’s effectiveness has spanned over 30+ countries with a 96% customer satisfaction score.

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