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How Continuous Learning Can Help Make Better Teachers


The teacher plays several important roles in the entire education system - they have to be the parent for the students at school while also being their educator, be the mediator between the student and the parent as well as between the student and the administration, and is also responsible for several other miscellaneous activities in the school. In such a situation, teachers must keep updating themselves regularly not only about their academy knowledge but also their soft skills and technical knowledge, leading to a sort of continuous learning process that needs to happen all the time.

Roles That a Good Teacher Must Fulfill

As you can see, there are a lot of rules that a teacher has to play to be a good educator and a good teacher in general.

Source of Information

This is the primary role of the teacher. The teacher must provide the necessary information to the students at the right time for their adequate education. The teacher should know the information that is student requires and also how to deliver information in such a way that the student understands.

Support System

The teacher must act as the support system for students whenever they need help. The support can be in the form of this teacher taking the role of a coach, leader, or counselor. Sometimes, be teacher might even have to act as a tutor for other teachers who are junior to them so that they can be inducted into the day-to-day activities of the school more effectively. Some teachers might also help their colleagues in the same department with notes or by helping them with their lesson plan.


It is no surprise that students often look up to their teachers and may perhaps model their owners' behavior and work ethic to match the teacher's. It doesn't stop at students, senior teachers can act as a mentor for junior teachers as well.


Last but not least the teacher must take the role of a learner. Anyone who has been in a profession for a long time will know that there is always something new to learn within that profession however much they think that they have mastered it. The teacher must be ready every day to face a new task that will help them grow into a better person and teacher.

How Teachers Can Inculcate A Culture of Continuous Learning

Continuous learning refers to learning beyond the scope of their everyday curriculum and class, not for any particular purpose but just for the sake of learning. This information can become relevant in the teacher's life, and maybe it will not - the important thing is that it must provide the teacher with the opportunity for continuous learning. The teacher can be a good learner and engage in continuous learning in the following ways:

Keep Reading

Put in as much time as possible to read and collect data. First, try to keep it within the academic limits but after venturing into the same for a while change track and look into other subjects as well. Having interdisciplinary knowledge is always a good thing, and the more the teacher keeps reading, the better.

Stepping Out of The Comfort Zone

True growth is one a person steps out of their comfort zone and pushes forward into uncharted territory. Teachers must put themselves in a vulnerable position and try to understand and absorb different ideas, especially ones that they might disagree with. The teacher must be able to encounter and communicate with people of different religions, ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and philosophies. The teacher must be open-minded enough to invite the good qualities of other people whether they are fellow teachers, students, or seniors.

Collaborate With Students

This is perhaps one of the most effective ways in inculcating a culture of continuous learning in the classroom. The teacher must be able to collaborate with the students in such a way that it is beneficial for both the teacher as well as student. The teacher must learn something from the Student during that activity and the student can learn a few life lessons from the teacher as well. Both teacher and student will effectively be engaging in active learning, which is one of the most effective ways of educating the youth today.


The important takeaway here is that the teacher is not the only one who is engaging in continuous learning  - the student is also taking away from this encounter that it is important to learn beyond the school years and keep learning well after their primary education is done, not as a chore or purposeful exercise but as a part of everyday life. The teacher is not only engaging in the act of continuous learning but also encouraging their students, and maybe even other teachers, to do the same. This is what teaching at the grassroots level entails - being an educator who is also a coach, a mentor, and a helping hand when required. This is why teaching is considered such a pious and respectable position - it not only helps in educating others but also in learning for oneself with or without their knowledge, which makes it all the more important in actively helping others but also helping oneself become more adept at their line of work. So when the teacher is engaging in continuous learning, there is a lot more going on in the process than what meets the eye.

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