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How To Use LMS To Enhance Learning Experience


With online learning dominating the education space, traditional tools of managing schools have hit a virtual wall. Traditional paper-based methods of fee management, attendance tracking, assignment and homework submission, etc. would look alien and out of place in a high-tech online setting. This is why schools are increasingly using LMS to manage their school with our state-of-the-art learning management system.

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system is a software solution that brings together all the aspects of school management, everything from online classroom setup and admission management to fee and attendance management. It is used by schools to make their job easier by bringing the entire suite of management tools under a single roof. You can read more about the benefits and features of an LMS by clicking here.

However, this blog focuses more on the role of the learning management system aids in enhancing the overall learning experience of a student.

How A Learning Management System Can Enhance Learning Experience

Teachers Can Focus on the Lesson

Since almost all other aspects of classroom management like roll call and homework submission management is taken care of by the learning management system, teachers can focus on how to make the online learning experience for the students more engaging and fun. This is not only beneficial for the teachers but also for the students because they will feel that the teacher is taking time and effort to tailor the lesson for their comfort and understanding.

Individual Attention to Students Despite Size of the Class

The learning management system tracks the progress of each and every student with the help of several matrices like attendance marks obtained, the number of live poll answers they got right, etc. This will help the teachers understand where each student is in the class academically and which areas they can help that student improve. This is extremely useful for the students because most students themselves don’t track their progress in class, so they will not have a solid idea as to what exactly is going wrong with them. This can help them put themselves back on track and tie the loose ends up.

A Rich Repository of Resources

Most learning management systems come with their own learning resources. This can help students because these are generally in the form of quizzes, notes, and question banks that are free with the LMS. This helps improve the overall learning experience for the students by giving them 24x7 access to those resources.

Learning Flexibility for the Students

Since all the resources are readily available within the framework of the learning management system, students can take their own pace to learn the material provided. Of course, the classes will be timed and regular, but all the material for extra reading will be available at all times, hence giving them ample time to revisit the lesson if they want to revise or if they find the material difficult to understand.

Snap Updates

If a teacher wants to update the lesson with a quiz or note that they have prepared, they can do so very easily with the help of a learning management system. Students can hence get all the updates the teachers post with immediate effect. All they have to do is get on their account and download the content that the teacher might have posted on a channel for all the students or for the select number of students it is intended for, hence making the learning experience easily accessible.

Easy Content Delivery

This is essentially an extension of the previous point, but it is important for the students. In a learning management system, it is extremely easy to distribute content among the students because the system created for it is completely idiot-proof. All the teacher will have to do is put the content up on a platform where both the student and teacher are both present and the students can access it as soon as the teacher does so. This makes the whole process extremely easy and the time required for the same is greatly reduced.

Offering Audiovisual Learning

The best way to learn is by making students make use a number of their senses in unison because then, it becomes a multidimensional learning experience. As mentioned before, since the content can simply be uploaded to a particular platform for the students to access, this content can be in the form of a video as well. An audiovisual learning experience is the best way to learn a certain subject because it employs your eyes and ears. This gives the students a node point sensory connection to their memory of that lesson, hence helping them remember the lesson better.


The learning experience for the student is what schools should be focusing on because it is what prompts them to take up a particular lesson with conviction and passion. Learning management systems enable students to learn better, learn more, and work harder towards achieving their goals, because the goals are apparent and visible to them. Hence, all schools should make use of the potential of learning management systems effectively.

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