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Following his passion for teaching: Krishna Kumar Keshri

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.”-Alexandra K. Trenfor

Today, we bring you the story of Krishna Kumar Keshri, a private educator from Delhi. Krishna Sir has been teaching for over a decade and has been helping in the overall development of his students.

Krishna Sir received the Diamond Educator Award recently. He was overwhelmed happy to receive the award and was highly motivated to reach more students through his tuition classes. Krishna Sir has been educating students since his school days. He provides Mathematics and Science classes to students in standards 7-12.

He is a B.Ed graduate from the University of Delhi. His passion to teach others has helped him throughout his career. As a young student, Krishna Sir wanted to become a doctor. Therefore, he prepared for the NEET examination. However, destiny had other plans for him, and he became a teacher.

Krishna Sir used to help his classmates during his school days. When he recognized his passion for teaching, he joined a private tuition center to give the best to his students. His students saw a drastic improvement in their marks after attending his classes. They encouraged Krishna Sir to start his tuition center and followed him in great numbers.

Krishna Sir was providing quality education to his students and helping in their overall development. However, the scenario changed during the pandemic, and he started looking for ways to conduct online classes. That’s when he found out about Teachmint while scrolling through his Facebook feed. He was amazed by the class recording feature and asked his students to download the application.

Talking about his passion for teaching, Krishna Sir mentions, ‘On an average, I conduct 7-8 hours of live classes every day. I love when my students score good marks after attending my classes. I aim to clear their doubts and help them understand the concepts from scratch.’

Krishna Sir likes the concept of hybrid classes. He mentions that his student base is not limited to Delhi. Many of his students reside in other states and follow his classes online. He says, ‘At times, I conduct online classes for all my students. It is easy for me as I can manage my personal life and professional commitments at the same time.’

Krishna Sir has a special message for everyone in the education industry. He says, ‘Teachers should follow a hybrid model when it comes to education. They can break geographical barriers through this model. Moreover, the hybrid classroom is also beneficial for students. When teachers record their online classes, it provides more value to students as they can revisit the lectures. Students can use the recorded sessions as a revision class.’

Krishna Sir believes that dedication, discipline, and passion are the three mantras that every teacher should follow. Every teacher must be passionate and dedicated.

We congratulate Krishna Sir for his zeal and enthusiasm. We wish him all the best and hope to keep learning from him. Thank you for choosing us.

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