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How to Choose the Best Integrated School Platform for Your School


The face of the education sector is evolving at a breakneck pace. The realm of education is embracing technology and upscaling its standards to higher levels. These innovations are expanding the possibilities for how creative the teaching and learning experience could be. It is exceeding the expectations of everyone as the learning outcomes have heightened over the years.

Schools are in the pursuit of leveling up the standards by leveraging the benefits of technology for the smooth functioning of schools. A lot of manual labor goes into the seamless functioning of schools. It requires so much effort and hard work to ensure the most satisfactory outcomes for the development of schools. Schools are switching from traditional labor to integrated school systems as digital solutions for seamless operation in order to simplify administration and management tasks. To understand how exactly these Integrated school platforms work, let us learn what integrated school platforms are.

What is an Integrated School Platform?

In an integrated school platform, all management and administrative tasks are seamlessly brought together and made possible using cutting-edge technology. An integrated school platform allows schools to handle all the functioning within a click away. It makes it simpler for all the stakeholders involved to keep tabs on all activities inside a school. It is essential to shift toward a more systematic setup with the aid of cutting-edge technologies. The primary benefit of an integrated school platform is that it binds all the stakeholders of the school together in a single platform. With the help of the platform, they will stay updated and notified in terms of the data that is relevant to them.

The Components of an Integrated School Platform

An integrated school platform becomes a one-stop solution for all the administrative and managerial requirements in a school. It allows the stakeholders to get access to relevant information and data in a single platform. Teachmint is an integrated school platform that provides LMS and ERP solutions of world-class value that guarantee the smooth functioning of schools. The platform has some unique features that set them ahead of the competition. Let us look at what they are:

Elaborate learning management system (LMS) that constitutes the following:

  • Live Classes
  • Live Class Recording
  • Assessments
  • Homework creation and tracking
  • Study material sharing
  • Classroom and private chat options
  • An online notice board for updates and announcements on the fly

A well-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that contains the following tools:

  • Fee Management Software
  • Attendance Management System
  • Student Information System
  • Hostel Management Software
  • Admission Management Software
  • Transport Management System
  • ID Card Generation
  • Report Card Generation
  • Performance Management
  • Library Management
  • Certificate Generation
  • User Management
  • Digital Content for all classes all across K-12
  • Tools for creating a comprehensive online school structure
  • Easily accessible practice questions for all classes
  • A robust website builder for schools

You may find it hard to find a platform that provides all these features in a single place. That’s where Teachmint comes to the picture, because, it has everything that is been mentioned above. Isn’t it amazing? Let us look closely at each feature to understand them in a much broader sense.

Live Classes

LMS software allows you to broadcast live classes to your students. It makes it easier for students to attend classes from anywhere. Live classes allow teachers to conduct interactive live sessions for the students. Students can enjoy these classes in the comfort of their homes.

Live Class Recording

Live class recording enables a flexible learning environment for students. It helps them to learn at their own pace and in their own space. This helps students to come back to those classes and clarify any lessons or concepts that they might have missed during the live classes.


Teachers have the provision to frame the assessment questions for the students to improve their learning outcomes. Performance analytics would help teachers to keep track of the student's progress and also let students and parents know where the child stands in terms of his/her performance. Moreover, teachers can upload questions in multiple formats like images, documents, etc. Along with that, multiple assessment modes like MCQ, subjective, etc are available for teachers to test their students.

Homework Creation and Tracking

There are lakhs of questions available for the teachers to create homework from. You can use this feature to enhance the competency of your students. As they take part in these tasks, they will be able to improve their knowledge retention and will be able to comprehend the concepts in a better way.

Study Material Sharing

Teachers can share the study materials in multiple formats with ease. This makes it easier for the students to access the materials. These materials can help them with their studies and helps them to organize their studies in an efficacious manner. Moreover, these materials facilitate the process of note-making for the students.

Classroom and Private Chat Options

Communication between students and teachers is enabled through classroom and private chat options. This allows students to clear their queries and facilitate an interactive learning environment. Moreover, they will be able to resolve their queries with a click and it helps them to move ahead in the learning process.

Notice Board for Updates

Notice board allows students to stay updated concerning their learning journey. Teachers can make announcements and share relevant information with the help of notice boards. This is a great way to involve all students in every step of their learning process.

As far as the ERP system is concerned, it entails the following tools, and its key features are mentioned below.

Fee Management Software

This makes the lives of the administrators much easier. It helps them to keep track of all the fee transactions. Additionally, the user-friendly program offers a range of options, from personalized cost settings to installment alternatives. The parents additionally get automated text reminders for the payments, which helps them be up-to-date about the fee payments.

Attendance Management System

It ensures error-free attendance tracking of students and teachers. It can save a lot of time for teachers and administrators. They will have features like section-wise attendance and graphs on their dashboard. Also, they will be able to deduce the trends in attendance with the help of an attendance management system.

Student Information System

The student information system allows you to get access to all the relevant information regarding the students in a blink of an eye. Educators will be able to access details like academic performance, contact information, and parents’ details. It helps the admins and educators store all the essential data regarding the students in a secure place.

Hostel Management Software

Hostel management software helps to streamline all the processes involved in the management of hostels. This software facilitates a number of functionalities like the allocation of rooms, assignment of wardens, etc. Moreover, students can access information like the availability of rooms with ease. The admins will be able to maintain the details of the students in an easily accessible manner.

Admission Management Software

Managing admissions can be a hectic process for schools. They will have to simultaneously deal with a number of tasks. Therefore, admission management software is used as it makes all the procedures seamless for all the involved stakeholders. Moreover, it aids in saving a lot of time for educators, admins, and parents by making the processes fast and reliable.

Transport Management System

This system addresses all the safety concerns related to the transportation of students from their homes to schools and vice versa. It makes the details related to the bus routes, staff details and vehicle details easily accessible to parents, teachers, and students. In addition to ensuring student safety, it ensures the staff is informed of their duties.

ID Card Generation

Schools always use the assistance of outside companies to create student ID cards. ID card generation is simple with Teachmint. Here, ID cards for students can be easily made without taking too much time or spending too much money.

Report Card Generation

Creating a report card is always a burdensome process. Teachers spend hours and hours creating individual reports for each student after the completion of a year or an exam. Teachmint has made the process simple for the teachers through a report card generation system, where they can easily generate reports involving detailed information about the performance of students.

Performance Management

The performance of the students can serve as a benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of the teachers' chosen teaching methods. As a result, teachers can monitor their pupils' academic performance and take the required action to adjust their teaching approaches. Moreover, admins can analyze the competency of students as well as teachers.

Library Management

All library operations can be organized through the use of library management at educational institutions. The system can give students access to a wide range of information, such as book availability, bookings, possession of books, and more. This would organize and systematize all library operations.

Certificate Generation

In order to pursue further education, students must have certificates. Certificates would reveal details about the pupils' overall performance or academic accomplishments. At Teachmint, the certificate generation is made easy as the automated templates are already available in the portal. Once the schools have entered the necessary information, the certificates can be printed without any hassle.

Digital Content

Digital content drives the sector of education these days. It is redefining the way students learn as they are transcending the boundaries of knowledge acquisition. Students are exposed to digital content that is pregnant with captivating and informative digital content. With the help of this, they are able to comprehend complex concepts in the most effective manner.

Digital content includes notes, animated videos, and images and this content simplifies the concepts for the students. At Teachmint, in addition to the content available on the platform, teachers also have the provision to upload notes or other digital content for their students. Another feature that Teachmint offers to its students is that it ensures student engagement in the learning process. To elaborate further, teachers can monitor whether students are accessing the digital content, it helps them understand the students’ involvement in the process of learning.

In addition to this, Teachmint provides the stakeholders with access to question banks that assist learners to take part in mock tests so that they will be able to equipped enough to ace their exams. Teachers can frame questions and difficulty levels to test their students. In this way, teachers can improve the learning outcomes of the students.

You would have gotten an idea about the myriad of features that an integrated school platform would offer to you. These tools can undoubtedly ensure the smooth running of your school. Also, it makes sure that there are no loopholes in the school operations and make you stand out among other schools. This integrated school platform would make your school a technologically-enabled one.

Let us look at some benefits of the Integrated School Platform to give you an overview of why you should go for one.

Benefits of Integrated School Platform

Saves Your Valuable Time

As you have read the components of an integrated school platform, it would have made you understand how efficiently these softwares and systems can save a lot of time. As digital technology is used to make operations possible, the need for physical labor is minimized.

Cost Effective

Once you embrace the integrated school platform, you would not have to spend a fortune for the seamless functioning of your schools. If you initiate your relationship with Teachmint’s integrated school platform, no doubt that you will cherish the relationship forever as it would facilitate all the processes in your school with ease.

Reduces Manual Work

The daily activities of a school need a lot of manual labor. By simplifying all the tasks, an integrated school platform will reduce all the labour-intensive work. Additionally, it allows you to perform any task at your fingertips.

Involvement of All Stakeholders

It unites all the parties involved on a single platform and facilitates communication between them. Additionally, everyone would have access to the data that pertains to what is required of them. Also, everyone will be able to perform their duties without any hassles.

How to Choose the Best Integrated School Platform?

You can consider the following factors before choosing an integrated school platform for your school.


You will be choosing an integrated school platform in order for your institution to work smoothly. Unless and until the platform is not user-friendly, it would become a curse for you than a boon. Therefore, make sure the platform you are choosing is easy to use.

Meet Your Requirements

You have to make sure that the platform you are opting for is good enough for you and meets the requirements of the educators, administrators, students, and parents. You ought to have an idea about your requirements to choose the best platform that suits your needs.


It should be able to meet your demands even if it expands. The scalability of the platform has to be considered in order to ensure the efficiency working of your schools. This is how the growth of the school is ensured.


Since you will be using the platform for storing a lot of data, you will have to make sure that the platform is reliable and secure. You can do your own research and find the best. Talking of best, Teachmint would be a great choice for you, if you are looking for a reliable, secure and the best integrated school platform for your school.


It is crucial for schools to go digital in this technologically advanced world. Therefore, selecting an integrated school platform for schools has become imperative. It is impossible to ignore the many features that integrated school platforms offer. It would be a great idea to incorporate integrated school platforms in your school in order to improve efficiency and enhance the effectiveness of education. An integrated school platform has the potential to make the functioning of schools seamless and simple. This platform is available to make the lives of all the stakeholders involved in a school better! So why not choose Teachmint for the best experience and unlock the maximum potential of your school?

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