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How to Choose the Right Learning Management System


The prime asset of an educational institution is the quality that they offer in every aspect. So, to keep the brand image and stature high, its operation must be flawless in all respects of the term. This is where Learning Management Systems come in - they make the entire prospect of running a school completely automated and seamless, making the system practically devoid of errors and human mistakes that can occur. Choosing the right learning management system is therefore vital to the smooth functioning of the school apparatus and for the convenience of the teachers, students, and administrators alike.

Basic Features of Learning Management System

The LMS used for school-level virtual learning environments must suit the needs of end-users who are quite young. High-end features are not required. Too many features will also create a lot of confusion in young minds. Some of the common features which are essential in the LMS platforms for school students are as follows:

Live Classes

Conducting online live classes has become the norm after the turn of the second decade of the 21st century, but if an educational institution wants to do it effectively by implementing analyses and keeping track of data records, integrating the classes with the LMS becomes crucial. Teachmint has its live classes implemented with a learning management system for the same reason. Keeping track of records of attendees becomes much easier because of this, and so does analyze the performance of each student.


Online exams can be conducted with little to no difficulties with the help of LMS. The learning progress of the students can be evaluated from the assessment results. It also generates performance reports for each student. Hence, it saves a lot of time for the teachers.

Performance Tracking

The complete learning data of every single student is stored in the LMS. It helps teachers keep track of the entire learning process of each batch such as class schedules, login activities of the students, assessment dates, assessment results, etc. Teachers can compare and analyze every student’s performance throughout the academic year and generate a progress analysis report with ease.

Communication Module

This facilitates a seamless flow of information between the different administrative levels of a school, namely between the administrators and the teachers, and between the teachers and students. It also facilitates notifying teachers and students about important updates and events, such as an abrupt holiday declaration or an important meeting announcement.

Tips for Choosing the Right Learning Management System

The task of choosing the right LMS product for schools is slightly challenging. Every school has specific needs in terms of planning online sessions, teaching methodology, and assessment systems. You have to keep them in mind when testing the functions and features of any LMS product. Given below are some valuable tips and guidelines to assess the efficacy of the learning management system correctly:

  • The LMS must have a user interface that is easily comprehensible and self-explanatory. Both the teachers and the students should be able to operate the software comfortably. The language and symbols used in instructions should be simple and easily understandable. Even though students might be technologically inclined, their parents and even some teachers may not be familiar with this type of software.
  • The LMS must be able to integrate academic programs of all grades in one place. All online resources should be accessible from there. If a separate LMS is to be maintained for every grade, the process will become cumbersome.
  • The LMS should be adaptable to all types of devices, which means that it should be accessible from devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers alike, as Teachmint does.
  • The LMS should also be available in partially online mode meaning that students should have the option to download the online resources and work on them offline. This is essential for students who have limited access to the internet. Since Teachmint has a low bandwidth requirement, it would be ideal for such a scenario.
  • Proper customer support is essential for an LMS to be used in schools for smooth functioning and maintenance of the software. The concerned support team must be available for the users round the clock. There should be multiple options for the users to reach out to the customer helpdesk such as helpline numbers, emails, and instant chats.


An ideal LMS must empower the learning and development process of school students. With its low bandwidth requirement, Teachmint is an ideal candidate for schools and other educational institutions that are situated in relatively remote areas. It has all the features listed above and more and is a prime example of how a learning management system should be. Both teachers and students will be able to extract the maximum benefits from our LMS. In addition, offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational organizations.

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