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How to Ensure Lifelong Learning Using Integrated School Platforms?

The knowledge & abilities we possess are evolving because of the information deluge that exists today. Gone are the days when universities and colleges could offer the same courses and curriculum year after year and knowledge advanced at a very slow rate.

But nowadays, education must play the role of enabler, teaching pupils the value of lifelong learning. Learning cannot be contained within the four walls of a classroom. In other words, lifelong learners learn outside of the scope of a course and sometimes even outside of a formal educational setting.

The institutions have a critical role to play in helping their students develop a habit of lifelong learning by inspiring them and giving them all the tools they need to chart their learning paths. Integrated School Platforms can be of massive help in such scenarios!

What is lifelong learning?

Self-directed education that is centered on personal growth is called lifelong learning. Although there isn't a single, agreed-upon definition of lifelong learning, it is typically understood to mean learning that takes outside of a conventional educational setting like a school, college, or university.

Although, complete learning need not be restricted to unstructured learning. It can be best described as voluntary and intended to bring about personal fulfillment. It could be accomplished through informal or formal instruction.

Lifelong learning is typically thought of as being self-motivated, informal, voluntary, and based on personal interests. Learning to play an instrument, participating in an online skills course, or even signing up for a retraining program are all lifelong learning.

We can easily plan and carry out a lifelong learning process across the school with Teachmint. Additionally, we can monitor the development of students' learning through sophisticated statistics like lesson engagement and performance management systems.

To engage in lifelong learning, a person must voluntarily try to advance their knowledge and abilities. As a result, lifelong learning is a voluntary activity that helps individuals genuinely enjoy learning.

How to promote lifelong learning using integrated school platforms?

Schools now play different roles in line with contemporary reality. Here, we explore ways that academic institutions might employ an integrated school platform to encourage students to continue studying outside the classroom.

Digitizing the curriculum

Educational institutions would be wise to use digital media to digitize their content with integrated school platforms like Teachmint, in light of recent technological advancements. For instance, gamified learning with the help of leaderboards, badges & prizes encourages students to learn better.

While giving students the chance to learn at their pace in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere, this type of immersive learning offers improved learning outcomes. Teachmint offers interesting digital content that might pique students' sincere interest in their studies. The enlightening and understandable information can promote a culture of lifelong learning.

Enforcing microlearning

Another way to encourage lifelong learning is to divide lengthy lessons into modules & then each module into tiny, micro-sized content capsules, each of which would include concise facts about a topic.

Typically, 3 to 5-minute films, presentations, text files, images, or infographics serve as microlearning bites. The ability to pay attention is rare at a time of information overload. Within a short period, these microlearning morsels can grab students' attention and give them succinctly pertinent knowledge.

The information that students need is neatly packaged and provided for consumption & they don't have to sift through an abundance of information to get it. Microlearning is a fantastic way to hold students' attention and instill the value of lifelong learning in them. Teachmint keeps students interested from beginning to end with enormous teaching and learning resources.

With an extensive and curriculum-based content collection for every school, Teachmint makes lesson planning enjoyable. Through carefully chosen and interesting multimedia content that is compatible with many devices, including smart TVs, it fosters lifelong learning.

Implementing interactive learning strategies

Teachers can employ successful teaching techniques that are most successful for their students. Effective teaching strategies that work best for kids can be used by teachers. Students should have an active role in learning.

When students interact with their teachers and peers, they are more likely to enjoy learning. They often start to acquire a passion for studying in this way. With the help of live polls, private chat for classrooms, hand-raise, and discussion forums, teachers can improve classroom collaboration. Every strategy must be given a shot to discover whether it works for kids.

Use a trial and error approach to assess the strategies' effectiveness for students and whether they cause beneficial changes in pupils.

Embracing synchronous and asynchronous learning

When students and teachers are communicating in real-time, usually through integrated school platforms like Teachmint, synchronous learning happens. This communication happens with the help of delivery platforms and distance learning tools like video conferencing, discussion boards, and community chat.

Although learning happens simultaneously, participants don't need to be there in person or in the same place. Asynchronous learning is a type of instructional design and delivery that lets students access content or engage in learning at their own pace outside the classroom.

The asynchronous technique is more learner-centered and enables students to finish courses without being restricted to a specific location & time.

Final Words

To promote a culture of lifelong learning among people, schools are fundamental. Schools can promote a culture that encourages students to pursue their education. Due to their enthusiasm for learning, they would be motivated to keep studying.

Everyone should pursue lifelong learning, but educators should do so even more because they must serve as role models for their pupils and work in a field that constantly evolves in reaction to discoveries.

Modern technologies, like integrated school platforms, especially cloud-based ones, enable educators to engage in lifelong learning in unprecedented ways by facilitating remote professional contacts and enhancing access to resources.

If you want your school to cultivate lifelong learning, Teachmint will help you in implementing cutting-edge edTech solutions so that you are always one step ahead. With our advanced LMS and school ERP solution, institutes can change their teaching-learning experience.

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