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Union Budget 2023: What's in There for the Education Sector

The Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, recently announced the Union Budget 2023. This year, special attention was given to the education sector, allocating USD 13.67 billion to the education industry. It is the highest-ever allocation given to this sector till date. The Department of School Education and the Department of Higher Education received sanctions of Rs. 68,804 cr and Rs. 44,094 cr respectively. There has been an increase of 8% on the education budget for 2023 when compared to the budgets announced earlier.

The education industry is expecting to drive positive changes after the declaration of the budget on education. It will open a door of opportunity for teachers, students, and other stakeholders.

Key Highlights of Education Budget 2023

The budget focuses on leveraging technology in education, improving teaching quality, developing research facilities, and establishing digital libraries for young minds. The significant highlights remain:

Establishment of Digital Libraries

Digital libraries are to be established across various locations to provide the best learning resources to children and adolescents. In addition, physical libraries are to be set up at Panchayat levels. This step will enable students to access the National Digital Library resources across multiple locations, languages, and devices. Schools can also leverage the advantages of digital libraries to enable a better learning space. Institutes can use Teachmint’s Library Management System to index books and track the books in circulation.

Promotion of Regional Languages

To improve conceptual clarity and sync with the guidelines of NEP 2020, the education budget has emphasized the promotion of regional languages. As a result, government publishers like National Book Trust will supply books in regional languages and English. Books written in regional languages will be available in the physical libraries.

Teachmint offers a wide range of e-learning materials to create a nurturing learning environment. The reading resources are already available in 20+ languages and we will continue to further build on this repository.  

Teacher Training

With innovative pedagogy, curriculum transaction, iCT implementation, and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) survey, the budget on education has focused on providing the maximum support to educators for their professional development. To learn industry-specific skills, educators can take courses offered under the Teachmint-OrangeSlates partnership. The courses offer a perfect combination of innovative teaching strategies and pedagogies.  

Teacher Recruitment for Tribal Schools

The budget for education 2023 has focused on the recruitment of 38,800 teachers within the next three years to improve the learning outcomes in tribal schools. These teachers will be trained to boost the education of tribal students. Teachmint can help create a robust digital infrastructure in underprivileged schools through its CSR initiative, TeachBharat.

Centers of Excellence for AI Research

AI has changed the game in various industries. To realize the vision of ‘Make AI in India and Make AI work for India,’ Centers of excellence for AI research will be set up in three top educational institutions. Here, leading industry partners will collaborate to conduct interdisciplinary research. The budget for education 2023 has emphasized using the power of AI in multiple sectors, including agriculture and health.

PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana 4.0

The federal education budget has given attention to the development of soft skills and 21st-century relevant skills among pupils. They can learn coding, robotics, 3D printing, and other essential soft skills to get ready for the global job industry. With Teachmint’s Global Smart Classroom initiative, schools can launch an international standard classroom and help students explore multiple experiential and skill-based courses.

Unified Skill India Digital Platform

The idea for establishing this digital platform is to link job seekers with employers. The portal will help job seekers by providing access to entrepreneurship schemes.

The education budget of India 2023 mainly talks about finding innovative ways to enhance learning and prepare young minds for the global job market. To realize this vision in action, equal attention is given to teacher training and upskilling. With the help of increased expenditure on R&D, the establishment of Centers of Excellence for AI Research, and a focus on digital platforms, the education budget for 2023 is sure to bring a revolution in the education sector.

The allocation of funds for the education budget 2023 has been increased as per the NEP 2020 directives. Every school across India has to follow NEP 2020 guidelines to promote the holistic development of students. Teachmint Integrated School Platform can help your school become NEP-ready with its cutting-edge learning management system, advanced administrative tools, and comprehensive digital content.

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