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TeachBharat - A Social Impact Program to Promote National Education Policy 2020 Vision

TeachBharat Initiative

With the changes in the education policy, the education sector is witnessing many improvements. Among many transformational initiatives, NEP has a special focus on technological enhancements in the education sector, as specified in Chapters 23 and 24. TeachBharat, a NEP-focused offering by Teachmint, aims at bridging the technological gap faced by government schools. Through our effort, we are imparting affordable education to underprivileged sections of society. The objective is to provide digital infrastructure to such government schools and empower them to improve learning outcomes. With the help of our advanced learning management system and digital content delivery, we are determined to change the way education is perceived in NEP 2020.

Key Features

“We need technology in every classroom and in every teacher and student’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.”-David Warlick

The key highlight of TeachBharat is to empower the school stakeholders with better technology so they can change the learning outcomes by leveraging the digital infrastructure in classrooms. We offer a complete end-to-end digitization solution which makes our approach unique and one of its kind, as explained below:

Smart Classroom Infrastructure

Access to digital infrastructure has become the need of the hour. Integrated with the best tools, smart classes improve the learning experience of students and help them understand complex topics. Moreover, it enables better connections between students and teachers by helping them participate in different learning ventures together. We aim to physically transform schools by setting up at least one smart classroom on their premises.

Digital Learning Platform with Content

The attention span of students is limited; therefore, keeping them engaged in the learning process becomes crucial. With digital content, TeachBharat aims to provide a comprehensive learning solution to students. Mapped with the NCERT/State syllabus, the digital content is a one-stop destination for students of all classes. With access to animated videos, books, and notes, teachers can empower their students with the best knowledge. The content covers all 1-12 subjects that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Moreover, we are also well equipped to provide local language content to help students learn in the language they are comfortable with.

Highlights of Digital Content

  • 520+hours of digital content
  • 20L+questions in the question bank
  • 20k+learning modules
  • Advanced analytics like lesson engagement, watch time, and more

Teacher Development & Training

NEP 2020 emphasizes that teachers should be empowered to use better teaching techniques and trained to make the best use of digital infrastructure. We have also realized the importance of this in our experience of conducting training for our 10,000+ customer institutions. Therefore, Teachbharat has a very high emphasis on conducting in-person training workshops and regular handholding to familiarize teachers with the technology and integrate its use into daily classroom activities. Moreover, the policy also mentions the importance of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). To train and upskill teachers, we have partnered with OrangeSlates, India’s fastest-growing platform for teacher upskilling.  All teachers benefiting under TeachBharat also get access to self-paced CPD courses. The courses have a perfect blend of teaching strategies, pedagogies, and the latest tools to help teachers enhance their efficiency and bring positive learning outcomes.

Highlights of Advanced Learning Management System

  • Share study materials in multiple formats: PDFs, PPTs, Videos, etc
  • Homework and class recordings for learning on the go
  • Classroom engagement via chat and notice board features
  • Create high-quality automated assessments
  • Automated attendance
  • Two-way live classes
  • Insightful reports to track student progress
  • Advanced analytical reports to improve student learning outcomes
  • Teacher and student-friendly app
  • 20L+preloaded questions in the question bank
  • Digital content for anytime, anywhere learning

Outcomes We Desire to Achieve

The TeachBharat initiative is launched to improve the ecosystem outcomes that all state / central government initiatives also aim for. Some of the tangible outcomes that we aim to achieve are

Higher attendance rate

The overall attendance rate for students at primary levels in government schools stands at 68.5%. We are determined to bring a positive change to this number. When students are exposed to new and better learning opportunities, they are likely to attend more classes. With the help of automated attendance, teachers and administrators get insight into the actual attendance trend in their classrooms.

Better enrollment levels

Various resources show that the percentage of school-going children is fairly low in India. However, the data shows a slight improvement in enrollment rates as compared to the rates recorded in 2020. TeachBharat aims to bring refinement in this area through the digitization of government schools.

Improved learning outcomes

The teaching-learning scenario gets altered when digitization is introduced in the education system. It offers a personalized approach to learning and allows teachers to set the base according to students’ convenience. With the help of advanced analytics, teachers can track student progress to improve the learning outcome.

Future-ready teachers

Digitization of educational institutions has become crucial in this changing world. Even NEP 2020 focuses on digitization as a remedy to save teachers’ time. With the implementation of advanced learning management systems and other e-learning tools, teachers can provide a holistic learning experience to students. To make this transition easier for them, we provide in-person training and workshops for teachers and admins.

End-to-end digital enablement

TeachBharat encourages every government school to adopt digitization to provide a safe and holistic learning environment for students. We propose a physical transformation of classrooms to encourage learning and empower students. With our advanced learning management system, students can learn at their own pace.


Digital transformation in government schools is vital to improve teachers’ productivity, classroom collaboration, and students’ learning. With smart classrooms, digital content, and teacher training, TeachBharat is determined to uplift the current teaching-learning process. Our initiative connects teachers, admins, students, and parents on a single platform and empowers them at the same time.

To partner with us and know more about our program, get in touch with [email protected]

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