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How To Inspire Students While Teaching Online

Teaching online has become the new normal for everyone. Be it teachers, students, or even parents, they find online teaching more convenient. Teaching online not only saves time & effort for teachers but also makes students learn from their comfortable space. Teaching online is also convenient for the teachers because it multiplies their efficiency ultimately resulting in happy students with happier results. While teaching online, teachers should also remember to keep motivating and inspiring their students. While growing up, students might face an ample number of issues, problems at home, peer pressure, lack of confidence, etc. Such situations may have a direct or indirect impact on their academic performance as well as mental health. Correct guidance at the right time can help the students give their best at whatever they do. Here are the five tips that can help teachers in inspiring their students while teaching online-

  1. Encourage Self-Reflection- Most of the students know what they want to achieve, but they lack the right guidance. The best way teachers can help and inspire students at the same time is by helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can then help students strengthen their strengths even more & overcome their weaknesses. For instance, if a student is not able to score well in class tests, help them identify the subjects that they can ace by putting in a few extra efforts. Also, help them with figuring out the subject they need to work hard on. The last step is to guide them by simplifying the concepts to them.
  2. Assign Responsibilities- All of us love it when we achieve something that is unexpected for us. Like scoring good marks in the least favorite subject, learning a new sport, or giving a long speech. Similarly, if a teacher feels a student is indisciplined and needs to improve, they can assign that student a task of responsibility. Making that particular student the class prefect can be a good way of inspiring them to stay disciplined. Or, if a student is not able to understand a concept well, ask them to prepare that topic again and try to explain it to their classmates. That student will put extra effort into preparing that topic the best way possible. Hence, giving responsibilities to the students who need a push can prove to be the best way to help them improve.
  3. Ask Questions- Asking questions to students make them more attentive in the class. It is often observed that when teachers interact with students they tend to pay more attention to whatever is happening in the classroom. For example, if two students are talking to each other while the teacher is teaching they will not understand a single word that the teacher speaks. However, if the teacher warns the students that they’ll be asking questions to them once the topic gets over, students will automatically pay more attention to understand the concept. This may seem a little tough but this technique always works. Using this technique is an indirect way of inspiring students to learn better. Teachers should use this technique whenever they feel that the students are going off track or getting distracted.
  4. Give Real-Life Examples- Giving real-life examples to the students and making them connect to the concept is a great way of helping them learn better. Introducing students to inspiring personalities like Sir APJ Abdul Kalam, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Steve Jobs, etc can be really motivating. The lives of these people have been exemplary and students will surely feel inspired after knowing their journey of life.
  5. Highlight Improvements- It is the responsibility of a teacher to give feedback where they see a scope of improvement. Students have to take the next step, acknowledge the feedback and work on it. When a student puts in efforts to become better, they expect their teacher to notice their efforts. Few words of appreciation from the teacher can give the students an extra push and they will work even hard in order to improve. For instance, if you notice a student paying more attention to whatever you teach, just compliment them for it and see the results. Compliments like “I noticed you were paying attention” can boost their confidence and they’ll pay more attention in your class.

Solving each problem of the students is not possible, but inspiring them by showing the correct path definitely is. Always make sure to make your students comfortable, acknowledge their problems, and help them find a solution for the same.

Happy Teaching!

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