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Video Conferencing App

The use of video conferencing apps has seen an enormous surge due to the pandemic. 2020 witnessed the development of several video conferencing platforms to meet the growing requirement. Our lives have completely changed since then and the dependence on video conferencing is larger than ever. Previously, such apps were mostly used by multinational corporations with offices all over the world. However, the situation quickly turned around during the pandemic, and it has remained so ever since, as these apps have seen broad acceptance, even among entrepreneurs as well in schools and other educational platforms. Video conferencing has become the new phone call, whether you're part of the growing remote workforce, have offices in multiple cities, or work with a team of professionals who travel frequently or a student. With the ability to bring people together, simplify teamwork, increase performance, and help save money, it's no surprise that video conferencing is projected to grow even more.

Benefits of Using a Video Conferencing App

Before getting into how to make a video conferencing app and what features to keep in mind, these following points highlight the importance of a video conferencing app:-

  • Improves communication

Video conferencing enables teams to retain social bonds and connections regardless of their physical location. This improves their ability to collaborate with people from all over the world and accelerates information processing.

  • Aids in relationship building

Video conferencing apps allow individuals to connect on a personal level, it is widely accepted as a useful tool when it comes to analyzing verbal and non-verbal cues while communicating.

  • Helps to save money

Video conferencing provides a collaborative, "in-person" experience without the expenditure of travel by providing a simple way for people to meet face-to-face.

  • Saves time

These apps save a lot of time, as a person can attend classes, meetings, seminars anywhere. Groups of people can get together and join the meeting from any place they might be, which eliminates the need to travel thus it saves time and money.  

  • Collaboration is made easier.

The finest video conferencing technology provides more than just a way for the parties involved to see and hear each other. It provides collaboration tools such as screen sharing and real-time document editing so that everyone can easily analyze the documents they require and take part in discussions.

  • Improves productivity and efficiency

Clear and concise interaction through verbal and nonverbal cues, screen sharing, real-time collaboration, and the ability to participate from virtually anyplace all contribute to video conferencing being a more efficient use of everybody's time. Furthermore, because video conferences remove the need for travel, people can dedicate more time to their tasks, even after having an online virtual session planned.

Video Conferencing App

While contemplating on how to make a video conferencing app there are certain aspects to keep in mind that enhance the usability of the app. Teachmint is trusted by the leading corporation for the development of the app because Teachmint EVaaS, unlike other live streaming solutions, was created with developers in mind. Aside from the ease that online learning provides, instructors and students equally benefit from classroom video conferencing in a variety of ways like it enables sharing of study material and documents with much ease. Another advantage is that participants can record the lesson for future use. While this feature is rarely used in primary grades video conferencing, it can be useful for university students and high school students who use online learning methods. This provides students with yet another tool to aid in their study and exam preparation.

Some special features include:-

  • Two-way interactive video classes
  • Live class recordings
  • Student management
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Teacher and student screen sharing
  • Student engagement analytics
  • Live polls and quiz
  • Live YouTube streaming
  • Hand raise and reactions
  • Break rooms

Aside from bringing students and teachers together, video conferencing can be used to introduce sessions by guest lecturers and other technical experts. In their attempts to transform with and adopt emerging technology, educational institutions are increasingly embracing video conferencing and live streaming. The fact that video conferencing in education inspires cooperation and communication between children and educators is perhaps its most significant advantage. As a result, students may become more motivated and engaged in their learning opportunities.


We all remember a time when most of the teaching was done on a chalkboard or a whiteboard with the help markers. These days, video conferencing provides us with a more modern and influential substitute: high-resolution videos with incredibly clear audio and the ability to be engrossed visually and existentially. It enables students to experience hyper-realistic virtual field trips. It is particularly helpful for stay-at-home parents or parents with full-time jobs, and also for business owners, as classes can be planned as per their convenience and can even be recorded for later viewing. Other ways syllabuses have evolved to be more diverse include, which allows students to connect with professionals overseas, join forces with students from different schools, individuals from various countries, or alumni. This learning pattern, which creates a two-way interaction, is more captivating and opens up a whole new dimension to a blended learning environment.

Video conferencing has found its place as a learning tool amongst educators and learners to facilitate effective interaction between learners and teachers or between learners and their peers, particularly when in-person communication is not possible. For use in today's higher education institutions, various types of video conferencing systems have surfaced. The advantages of video conferencing in the classroom are usually dictated by how well an educator employs this emerging technology and the concept of remote education in the classroom.

Teachmint offers the most sophisticated integrated school platform for the 21st century, bringing together the most effective elements of teaching, learning, and management together under a single roof. To know more about our features like performance management system, visit our website! Explore the range of our offerings like the lms portal.

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