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How to Set up Your Online Classroom?

“Stagnation breeds boredom and boredom is not a great place to live.”

Our lives are changing day by day and minute by minute. It is important to evolve and adapt in order to win this game. Online classrooms are not new to teachers anymore. While the sudden onset of the pandemic in 2020 got a lot of teachers anxious about teaching online, the numerous brilliant online teaching platforms helped teachers overcome this fear.

Teachers are now familiar with online classrooms and the teaching aids to employ in the classroom so that students stay engaged and interested. However, a lot of teachers are unaware of how to set up their online classrooms and what equipment they can use to make their classes even more effective. Today we will be talking about online classrooms or virtual classroom setups and how to make them more efficient.

How to Set up Your Online Classroom?

1. Know your teaching platform

Before you set up your online classroom or virtual classroom it is important to understand the online teaching platform that you are using to teach online. A lot of things depend on the kind of features that you have chosen offers. Brilliant platforms like Teachmint have an online whiteboard. Teachers can make the classes more interesting and interactive. Similarly, as a teacher, you need to understand the features of the app in order to know what are the essentials required in the classroom.

2. Choose an area with good lighting

Once you have understood the online teaching platform well, the next thing that you have to do is find a good corner or are where you can set up the classroom. Ensure to choose a spot that’s away from distractions and noise. Your students should be able to see you properly and that’s why you need to spot an area with good lighting. You should also make sure that all the things that you might need are in close proximity.

3. Tripod and Mic

To ensure that the students hear you properly during the online classes and that there are no distractions, you should consider getting a tripod stand and a mic. The tripod stand will help to set the mobile device at the right height and will keep it in place. You can also use teaching aids easily when you have a tripod. Of course, it is not necessary for an online classroom but it is sure to help increase the efficiency of your virtual classroom. The mic will ensure that the students hear you properly. Check out the online classroom setup essentials here.

Here is a video that will help you understand the best tripods available in the market:

4. Pentab

There are different kinds of pen tablets that are available in the market and according to the usage, you have to select one. In general, pen tabs help you to write smoothly and demonstrate concepts in a better manner. It makes writing on the online whiteboard easier than ever. This makes communication in the online classroom more efficient and effective. Here is a youtube video that will help you choose the right pentab for online teaching:

5. Test your technology beforehand

Now that you have all the essentials required to teach online effectively, you need to make sure that all the technology that you are using is working perfectly. Be it the tripod or the light or your internet connection, you have to ensure that everything is working well at least 20 minutes before your online class starts. This way, you can curb issues if any and  notify your students if something is not working as per plan.

Online classrooms are different than normal classrooms. A lot of teachers fear that virtual classrooms are not as effective as traditional classrooms and this cannot be more wrong. You just have to choose the right online teaching app and employ the right strategies to make online classes interesting and engaging for your students. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks that you can use in your classroom. Until then, happy teaching!

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