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Imparting Quality Education with Teachmint

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”- Chinese Proverb.

This is an appropriate adage, to sum up, the hard work and responsibilities of a teacher. Today we share with you the story of Dr.A.Devaki, who is passionate about teaching and loves to share her knowledge with her students.

Dr.A.Devaki is a lecturer in a government college in Andhra Pradesh. She always wanted to become a teacher to provide quality education to her students. Devaki Mam believes that imparting knowledge is the only way to improve the quality of life and help others understand their responsibilities towards society.

Talking about her early life, Devaki Mam mentions that her ambition was to become a lecturer. When she was a kid, she decided to become a teacher to make education affordable for everyone. After growing up, she gave various state government examinations. In 2002, Devaki Mam was selected in Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission as a Junior Lecturer in Commerce. After serving as a junior lecturer for almost eight years, Devaki Mam was promoted to a lecturer. Now she is teaching numerous students as a Lecturer in Commerce in a government college.

Devaki Mam was happy in her profession and loved giving live lectures to her students. She was enjoying her life as an educator until the pandemic hit the world. During the pandemic, offline classes were shut. As a result, Devaki Mam started looking for options to reach out to her students. She searched for various online teaching platforms to provide unhindered learning to her students.

Devaki Mam mentions, 'During the pandemic, I was searching for various online education platforms to provide education. In that process, I learned about Teachmint and how it makes teaching easier for educators. While using the application, I realized its feasibility. I can conduct my classes effortlessly with Teachmint.'

Devaki Mam recommends Teachmint to every educator. She mentions that the platform is easy to use and helps teachers reach their students in real-time. Moreover, it works well in areas with low internet bandwidth.

'Teachmint is a valuable platform for teachers. I love the attendance feature and the ease with which I can manage my classroom. Also, I am impressed with the whiteboard feature as it makes my class interactive. My students and I can share my views and ideas.'

Devaki Mam has a special message for every student. She says, ‘Education is crucial to understand how to live in a society and contribute to its development. However, education is not only limited to getting a job or maintaining a certain lifestyle. It is more about understanding how to live for society and help others for a peaceful living. Together, we can make our society a better place, and for that, we need quality education.'

Teachmint is proud to be associated with Devaki Mam and teachers of her kind. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Teachmint is the leading ed-infra provider helping educational institutions improve their efficiency. With our offerings like LMS, attendance management, fee management system, and more, institutes can boost their productivity multifold.

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