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Importance of Computer Literacy for Students


Technology has set foot in every facet of our lives. Computers and the technologies associated with them have become an indispensable part of our education as well. Schools are reforming the way they teach their students by integrating technology into the realm of education. There is no doubt that computers and their technologies have enhanced teaching and learning in schools. Hence, the importance of computer literacy has soared over the years and it has become essential to make students computer literate.

What is Computer Literacy?

Computer literacy is the ability or knowledge to use computers efficiently and effectively. Acquiring computer literacy would enhance the learning process for students manifold. In order to be futuristic, students need to acquire computer literacy. In the coming years, their education and learning will take place on computers and for that teachers must equip students with the skills required to use computers seamlessly. Moreover, studies have shown that the students who are computer literate perform better academically, and hence, it is necessary that teachers incorporate computer literacy into their curriculum. Digital literacy would enable students to be aware of the basic hardware and software functions of the computers which would come in handy in multiple situations in their lives.

Why Computer Literacy is Essential for Students?

Online Safety

In today’s world, we rely heavily on computers and the internet for a variety of purposes and it is impossible to keep students away from them. Therefore it is essential that students learn the basic etiquette while using computers and learn to use these resources responsibly. Moreover, with the development of technology, the issues like cyberbullying are on the rise. Thus, it is your responsibility to keep students safe and informed about such dangers. You can help them to understand what cyberbullying is and how they can stay away from such dangers. It is difficult to keep track of internet usage all the time and so, it is better to equip students to face the challenges they may face in the world of the internet.

Research Purposes

On the internet, students have access to a sea of information. They will be able to get answers to almost any question. This makes it easier for them to do research on their own and learn on their own. Computer literacy can help them to easily do their research and deduce conclusions on their own. As teachers, you can teach students to how to find information that is reliable and informative. It is easy for students to access study materials like research papers, videos, images, etc. These study materials can facilitate the learning process and help students understand the learning concepts easily. In addition, these days, research processes are done using computers and other such devices. So in order to get acquainted with the process, computer literacy would help students.

Better Career Prospects

Modern culture relies heavily on electronic communication, such as email. They are used in professional as well as educational institutions. Thus, teachers can ensure that the students learn these basic skills like sending emails, doing presentations, and collecting and storing data. Moreover, these skills would instill an interest in jobs revolving around computer skills. Also, in today’s world, most employers expect their employees to have expertise in computers and technical skills. So, computer literacy would expand the skill sets of students and helps them to land a job of their choice.

Excel in Academics

Computer literacy enables students to make use of the online learning platforms that are available on the internet. There are a number of learning platforms and doubt-solving platforms available for students and also they can connect with experts on the internet to learn more about their learning concepts.

As most schools are shifting to digital learning, it is essential that students are computer literate. In this way, they will be able to make use of the resources to the maximum. If you are planning to shift your classroom to a digital one, Teachmint would be a great choice as it would enhance the learning experience for you and your students. Computer literacy would help students seamlessly use the digital platforms of learning.

Online Tests

Computer literacy would equip your students to attend and ace the online exams. Most of the competitive exams are online now. Hence, in order to perform well in those exams, students need to have basic computer knowledge and skills. Moreover, since schools use digital platforms like that of Teachmint’s, they ought to be aware of the functionalities of the computers. It is necessary for the students to acquire this knowledge. They should learn how to perform basic tasks in an operating system.


The importance of computer literacy is increasing day by day. Hence, students should be computer literate to excel in their academics and in their careers. Research has shown that the students who have gained computer literacy perform better than those who have not attained it. So, in order to improve the academic performance of students and to cope with the growing technology, teachers should integrate computer literacy into the school curriculum.

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