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Importance Of Mock Tests

What are Mock Tests?

Thousands of individuals appear for competitive tests every year, but only a handful of them succeed. 'Mocks test' is one thing that makes these few candidates shine than the others. A lot of people search for “mock test meaning” on the internet as they don’t know what mock tests are. Mock tests are identical to final exams in which the paper layout and marking scheme are the same, allowing you to assess your true capabilities and identify the areas you need to work on. In short, a mock test can be called an examination that is exactly like your real exam but with different data. The questions are all in the same format, and you have the same amount of time to complete them. Mock Tests are simulations of actual exams that follow the exam pattern but with changed data. After submitting the test, you will see your answers, results, and rank among other participants who have already completed the same exam. People from every field do appear for mock tests. Be it engineering students, medical students, or teaching aspirants, each of them believes that giving mock tests is one of the best ways to strengthen their preparation. Teaching aspirants preparing for HTET, KTET, NET, SLET, UTET, APTET, or any other teaching exam, try to give as many mock tests as possible. Here are five reasons why giving mock tests can improve your chances of cracking an exam-

5 Benefits Of Giving Mock Tests

  1. A better understanding about the exam- Giving a mock test surely helps in understanding the exam better. A candidate who has prepared for the exams can easily identify the important concepts, questions, or lessons once they start appearing for the mock test. The candidates can further work on the areas they feel needs improvement. Every year lakhs of students or toppers tell their preparation strategies in interviews, giving mock tests top their list. Hence, any candidate who needs a better understanding of the exams and is willing to improve their performance should definitely give mock tests.
  2. Boosts the confidence- Giving mock tests, scoring well, answering questions that you find familiar, and realizing that you are prepared well for the exam, all boost the confidence of the candidates. Giving the candidates an extra push and happiness, mock tests also make the candidates feel satisfied and relaxed. They can do the revisions with more confidence realizing the fact that their efforts will definitely pay off. Good scores will push the candidates to work even hard.
  3. Helps in dealing with anxiety- Many students do get anxious a few days before the actual exam day. They feel underprepared or think they won’t be able to give their best in the exam. But appearing for mock tests and scoring good results automatically calms them down. The candidates feel less stressed and anxious. They tend to focus more on preparing well rather than stressing about the results, etc. Being mentally prepared and relaxed is very crucial for the candidates to perform well in the exams.
  4. Gives more clarity- Giving an actual exam needs a lot of things, proper time management, right preparation, smart answering techniques, writing speed, etc. A candidate may have the right answering strategy but might not be too good with time management or vice-versa. In order to not make such mistakes while writing the actual exam, a candidate must definitely give a mock test to evaluate their performance. Having clarity of where the candidate stands will help them perform better in the exam.
  5. Helps you track your progress- Appearing for a mock test helps a candidate in tracking their progress. For instance, a person gives one mock test and they find some questions difficult, they can work hard on learning more about the concept. And when they appear for the next mock test, they will actually see that whether they have improved or not. This will save them from making that mistake in the actual exam. Giving mock tests is the best way to track your progress and make improvements wherever required.

Therefore, in order to put their best foot forward in any exam, the candidates should appear for as many mock tests as possible. We wish all of you all the best, Happy Learning!

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