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Advantages Of Conducting Online Tests

Look at any corner of the world today, one thing you will surely see is the accessibility of education in every home. That is because education in the 21st century is no more confined to fancy schools or expensive institutes. Today, each family can afford quality education for their children without burning a hole in their pocket. Online education surely dominates the world of education, especially in India. Let it be the administrative tasks, teaching through virtual classrooms, or conducting tests online, smart teachers prefer smart ways to get their job done. Online education walks parallel to online tests because evaluating the knowledge of students in a fair way is always a teacher’s priority. There are a hundred reasons why both teachers & students prefer online tests rather than traditional pen-paper tests. Here are the top five benefits of conducting online tests-

  1. Accessible To Both Teachers & Students- Since the online tests are conducted online, students can give exams from wherever they want. Teachers can also distribute different sets of question papers to different students and also keep a track of them. Teachers can also evaluate the papers at their convenience. The best part of conducting online tests is that students don’t have peer pressure while they write the exam as they give the exams remotely.
  2. Hassle-Free Process- From the distribution of the right sets of questions to automated evaluation, conducting online tests is a hassle-free process. It is convenient for both teachers & the students to customize the whole process according to their requirements. Since there are many online software available for helping teachers in grading the papers, teachers need not worry about checking story-like answers. Conducting tests online also reduces the confusion of errors in the question paper, as it is computerized and more reliable.
  3. Environment-Friendly- Going paperless is the need of the hour as the world can already see the repercussions of being bad to the environment. Every year, millions of trees are chopped down in order to produce enough paper. A tree takes hundreds & thousands of years to grow completely, and just a few minutes to get cut. Conducting tests online can prove to be a major contribution to saving the environment. The world is us, and we are the future. If we don’t walk wisely, our future generations will see a world with no green forests & wildlife.
  4. Better Security & Privacy-  Conducting tests online is the best option for both students & teachers because it keeps their privacy intact. Students do not like getting their results or scores announced in front of everyone. In the case of online tests, the grading is done in an automated form and the results are also obtained for individual candidates on their accounts. The secure virtual environment helps the students & teachers perform efficiently without any direct or indirect pressure.
  5. Consumes Less Time- Conducting online tests is a time-saving process as the steps are automated. Both teachers and the students can remotely be a part of the online class and hence their travel time can also be saved. Teachers can easily design the question paper with the help of the right online platform such as Teachmint. With Teachmint it is easy and efficient to conduct online tests, read more about it here.

Online classes have become the new normal. Though the shift was sudden, teachers and tutors across the country have been resourceful and quick with adapting to the changes. Online tests and assessments are other areas that are relatively new to teachers. Teachers are a little concerned about online tests and assessments because they are not sure about the security and efficiency of online tests. But with the help of the right platform, teachers are now able to run their classes smoothly. Teaching online is now a happy convenient job for teachers.

We wish all the teachers good luck, Happy Teaching!

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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