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Importance of Pre-Primary School Education in Student Growth


Pre-primary school education can be considered a child’s primary introduction to organized education. This system is designed around the idea of introducing very young children to an environment similar to a typical school, i.e. to create a bridge between home and school-based environment. Ideally, pre-primary school students are 3 years of age or slightly under, but it depends on the level of cognition they exhibit. They should also have staff that is trained specifically to deal with pre-primary school kids so as to make their transition into school smooth and seamless.

Facilities Required at a Pre-Primary School

Pre-primary school is less about education and more about creating a safe environment for the children so that they can make their journey into organized schooling easy. A sudden separation from parents for an extended period of time can be quite hard in the initial stages so making the place they go to as friendly as possible is essential. Here are a few things a pre-primary school cannot compromise on.

  • A neat and clean environment.
  • Trained soft speaking teachers.
  • Colorful classrooms.
  • Lots of toys, bicycles, games, etc.
  • A place where the children can rest.
  • Black or whiteboards.
  • Flashcards that can help children identify letters, animals, vegetables, and colors
  • Close proximity from their home.
  • Safe transport facility
  • Clean toilets.
  • Clean drinking water.

Importance of Pre-Primary School Education

Pre-primary school education plays an extremely important role in a child’s life as a student. Here are a few reasons why you should send your child to pre-primary school:

Helps Children Get Used to Routines

Three year olds will be three year olds. They are restless, curious, and just want to have fun. Pre-primary school does not discourage these attributes about them, because that is what childhood is all about - but it tries to inculcate a sense of discipline within the child by making them following a routine. Following a routine daily makes it easier for the students to cope with the routine followed at school and hence be more disciplined in class.

Helps Children Learn Social Skills

Pre-primary school offers pre-schoolers a chance to make friends. This is especially important because if the children do not interact with their peers effectively, they can have severe negative impacts in terms of making friends now. Pre-primary school offers the children a lot of opportunities for the children to bond over such as games like hide and seek and other outdoor activities etc.

Enhance Creativity of The Children

More than educating them, the pre-primary school allows them to have fun in a controlled space. One of the main advantages of letting children go to pre-primary school is that they get to explore their creative side more. Children are allowed to play with paint, paper, glue, chalk, play dough, etc. When they are exposed to such an environment at such a young age, they get to understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of art, or at least get them interested in it.

Help Them Get Used to The Student-Teacher Dynamic

The child-parent relationship may be similar to the student-teacher relationship in a way, but it has some very distinct differences. Pre-primary school helps them understand these differences and makes them more accustomed to the latter. While a child-parent relationship is more personal, a student-teacher dynamic is professional, and not all private information can be shared with the teacher. Understanding this at an early age sets the student-teacher relationship apart and children will behave accordingly at school.


Pre-primary education is a vital part of a child’s life, both in terms of academics as well as getting them ready for school. Preschool also helps parents because it allows them some time to themselves or if they are working, a place where they can send their child until they get back home. It offers them a safe place to leave their child to focus on themselves, which is also important for a parent’s mental health.

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