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Importance of Taking Breaks for Teachers

“A teacher is like a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others.” No other quote would fit better while talking about the hard work, sacrifices, and determination of a teacher. Walking, talking, and teaching back to back is the normal routine of teachers. Their time table hardly incorporates time for themselves or time for break. Teachers tend to think that if they are taking breaks, they are wasting time. They are often seen overworking even on the holidays as well. The official break that they get from the school management are also utilized in checking notebooks or making lesson plans. However, this is not how their day should look like. The ultimate goal of why anyone works hard is to lead a happy life. In this article, we will be talking about the importance of breaks in a teacher’s life.

1- To maintain a good mental health- It is important for the teachers to stay fit, both mentally and physically. In order to give the students the best learning experience and to pass on the right knowledge, it is important that the teachers themselves maintain good health. Maintaining good health is not only crucial to do well in their professional life but also in their personal life. Therefore, teachers should surely prioritize taking care of their mental health and should take breaks frequently.

2- To avoid burnout- Working non-stop can land the teachers in the situation of burnout where they no longer feel like working, teaching students, or simply communicating anything. The burnout point in a person's life comes when they overwork without taking breaks. To avoid burnout, it is highly recommended that the teachers take enough breaks. Taking a break will also help the teachers in being good at what they do.

3- Increase productivity- Productivity comes when individuals have enough energy, positivity, and will to work. The willingness to work can only come when they take enough breaks to feel refreshed and complete their tasks. For instance- if a teacher gives back to back lectures, they won’t have enough energy left by the last lecture. However, if they take small breaks in between the lectures and give a little time to refresh their mind and body, they are sure to be more productive and full of energy till the last lecture.

4- To maintain a work-life balance- Giving time to family and friends should stay on one’s priority list. The biggest problem that the teachers face is taking out time for their loved ones. Because of this they have very few people to talk to when they actually feel like talking out. Hence, it is pivotal for the teachers to take frequent breaks and take out time for their near & dear ones. This would help the teachers in maintaining a good work-life balance. While they give priority to their work, it is also important that they give time to their social life.

5- To avoid chances of lashing out on students- Many times, teachers tend to lash out at students for the mistakes that can be ignored. Teachers often lash out at the students or talk to them rudely, this not only makes the students feel bad but also makes them uncomfortable in front of their peers. Events like this can surely be avoided if the teachers maintain a calm and peaceful mindset. It is important for the teachers to ensure that they not shout at the students because of their personal reasons. This is one of the reasons why teachers should take breaks from time to time.

Being the pillar of the educational system, teachers need to stay strong. It goes without saying that the world can not progress without the contribution of the teachers. We hope that this article would motivate you to take breaks whenever needed as your well being is the well being of the whole society.

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